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What is a proper way to install Perl modules on CentOS 7? - CentOS
yum search is not a reliable way to find the packages. Use yum provides instead and use a filename that you know should be in the package that you want to find - e.g yum provides '*/File/'
yum  search  perl  modules  cpan  centos 
3 days ago by noahsussman
How To Install Perl Modules Manually and Using CPAN command
Installing Perl modules required by various open source software is a routine tasks for sysadmins. Installing Perl modules manually by resolving all the de
modules  cpan  perl 
4 days ago by dirtpupfc
What is AMD, CommonJS, and UMD? | David Calhoun
Because I always forget which one is which.

define(['mod1', 'mod2'], function(mod1, mod2) {...}
const mod1 = require('mod1')

UMD: // Module implements support for both.
JavaScript  code  modules  node.js 
5 days ago by activescott
OpenXC || Ford Developer Support
esign their own plug & play hardware modules
OpenXC  -  CAN  Bus  design  their  own  plug  &  play  hardware  modules 
6 days ago by kilroy2
Rabbit Hole |
Rabbit Hole is a module that adds the ability to control what should happen when an entity is being viewed at its own page.

Perhaps you have a content type that never should be displayed on its own page, like an image content type that's displayed in a carousel. Rabbit Hole can prevent this node from being accessible on its own page, through node/xxx.
drupal  modules 
6 days ago by klokie
Floats for VCV Rack
Floats is a module that can become anything with creative patching, but its three main uses are as an envelope, LFO, and audio rate oscillator. As an audio rate oscillator, Floats is antialiased through the whole audio range resulting in a stable and warm timbre. As an LFO, Floats can reach times as low as 8.5 hours per cycle! Floats can also be used as a mixer, logic comparator, clock source, envelope follower, low pass gate, complex oscillator, and gate delay. Those and many other uses are covered in the online manual.
modules  vcv-rack  synth 
11 days ago by rsewan

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