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degdigital/magento2-customreports: Magento 2 module that allows an admin panel user to create new reporting grids via SQL statements.
Magento 2 module that allows an admin panel user to create new reporting grids via SQL statements. - degdigital/magento2-customreports
Custom  module  report  magento2  advanced 
2 days ago by arioch1984
19 Cool Drupal modules | September 2018 | Lucius Digital Amsterdam | Drupal experts
'There's a module for that', this applies to many use cases with Drupal. What is not possible with modules we develop tailor-made instead. But because customization is costly, it is good to keep abreast of the available modules.
module  drupal 
4 days ago by frunobulax
Versions Maven Plugin – Advancing dependency versions
mvn versions:use-next-releases -Dincludes=org.codehaus.plexus:plexus-util
maven  versiosn  plugin  updating  releases  in  multi  module  project  howto 
7 days ago by logicannullata
Create your first Drupal 8 module | BeFused
name: First Module
description: An experimental module to build our first Drupal 8 module
package: Custom
type: module
version: 1.0
core: 8.x
drupal  drupal8  module 
7 days ago by emmanu
RefreshLess |
RefreshLess makes navigating your web site faster by only loading the parts that change between pages. Uses the ideas behind Turbolinks technique (pioneered by Rails). But it goes further: thanks to Drupal 8's architecture, we're able to automatically figure out which parts of a page change. So, we only need to send the parts of the page that actually change.
drupal  d8  module  performance 
8 days ago by bvt

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