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Styling Based on Scroll Position | CSS-Tricks
js for modifying css depending on scroll position, by Chris Coyier. Starts with Rik Schennink js (that I've pinboarded separately) then recommends IntersectionObserver and presents another js solution.
webdesign  web  design  scroll  css  js  javascript  script  position  add  modify  class  change  style  data-scroll  styling 
may 2019 by piperh
Git Explorer
GitExplorer: Find the right git commands you need without digging through the web
amend  ammend  bitbucket  branch  changes  command  commands  commit  commits  committed  compare  delete  development  errors  explorer  git  github  gitlab  in  learning  message  modify  problems  reference  reset  show  snippet  staged  tools  uncommitted  undo  versioncontrol 
january 2019 by speckz
jquery - JavaScript EU cookie law banner not removing - Stack Overflow
an important mod for the cookie consent code found at
This mod solves the problem on tria site where it prevented the onload script in body tag from adding the .loaded class.
cookie  law  eu  gdpr  consent  privacy  comply  compliance  code  modification  modify  stackoverflow  user  js  javascript  script 
january 2019 by piperh
solo-io/packer-builder-arm-image: Packer plugin for ARM images
Packer plugin for ARM images

This plugin lets you take an existing ARM image, and modify it on your x86 machine. It is optimized for raspberry pi use case - MBR partition table, with the file system partition being the last partition.

With this plugin, you can:

Provision new ARM images from existing ones.
Use ARM binaries for provisioning ('apt-get install' for example)
Resize the last partition (the filesystem partition in the raspberry pi) in case you need more space than the default.

Tested for raspbian images on built on Ubuntu 17.10. It is based partly on the chroot aws provisioner, though the code was copied to prevent aws dependenceies.
How it works?

The plugin runs the provisioners in a chroot envrionment. binary execution is done using qemu-arm-static, via binfmt_misc.
packer  arm  raspberrypi  modify  disk  image  qemu 
january 2019 by bfritz
Modifying the HTML <title> tag in a WordPress Site — What about WordPress
WP usually generates quite good HTML title tags for the different pages of a website but It's possible to improve them. Learn how to make it. By Joan Miquel Viadé on abril 29, 2016 in What about WordPress.
wordpress  php  title  tag  edit  modify  code 
october 2018 by jennettefulda
Volume Share - Bitcoin Retail % [cryptorae] — indicator script by cryptorae / 2018-07-17 — TradingView
Volume Share - Bitcoin Retail % [cryptorae] — indicator script by cryptorae / 2018-07-17
I've been keeping my eyes on retail BTC -0.29% trading volume as a % of total BTC -0.29% trading volume (charted).
It's the single best chart showing the death of sentiment in this bear market. Retail fell to as low as 5.6% on 6/8. The good news is that the % has stabilized at these levels.
I think retail interest will need to trend higher in tandem with higher price moves for us to break through key resistance levels.
To know why, let's look closer at the anatomy of the recent bull and bear market.
In the 2017 bull market:
- Retail interest trended higher or sideways with each drive up
- Average retail volume share was ~46%
In other words, price movements were dominated by infusions of new money.
In the 2018 bear market:
- Retail interest trended LOWER with each recovery in price
- Average retail volume share was ~15%
In other words, price movements were dominated by money exchanging through the hands of traders.
Open thoughts:
- If the bear market persists and prices reach critical levels, I think that retail % would spike as some finally rush for the exit and new investors happily jump in
- If prices recover w/o a sustained increase in retail %, I'd not be so quick to call a bull market
Things I classify as "retail":
- Bitflyer
- Bithumb
- Coinbase
- Bistamp
- Kraken
Things classified as "non-retail"
- Bitmex
- Bitfinex
The formula is retail / (retail + non-retail)
The  script  is  open  for  you  to  modify  if  you  disagree.  Let  me  know  your  thoughts/tweaks.  from iphone
august 2018 by rikh
How can you add items to the Xcode project targets Info.plist using the XcodeAPI? - Unity Forum
Is this possible with the XcodeAPI?

I need to add an API key and some boolean values to the generated xcode projects Info.plist. I don't see any...
modify  info.plist  from  inside  unity 
august 2018 by davedmiller
YouTube ;;;
tags: dust collection deputy HowTo build modify modification needsEditing questionable the offCut combined combination of trash can and shopVac vacuum cleaner thienBaffle thien baffle ;;;
dust  collection  deputy  HowTo  build  modify  modification  compact  small  footPrint  needsEditing  questionable  the  offCut  combined  combination  of  trash  can  and  vacuum  cleaner  shopVac  thienBaffle  thien  baffle 
july 2018 by neerajsinghvns
macos - What does "@" signify in unix file permissions? - Ask Different
# List FILE's extended attributes
ls -@l FILE

# Remove some ext. attributes
sudo xattr -d FILE
sudo xattr -d FILE
mac  macos  ACL  chmod  file  mode  filemode  read  write  execute  permission  change  remove  modify  set  list  at  @  sign  attribute  extended 
july 2018 by ebouchut
Main Page
Welcome to the Ultibo wiki, the place to find detailed information about Ultibo, what it can do and how to use it. This content will be continually expanding as development of Ultibo core progresses, check back regularly to stay up to date with the latest information.
What is Ultibo?
Ultibo core is a full featured environment for embedded or bare metal (without an operating system) development on Raspberry Pi (all models). It is not an operating system itself but provides many of the same services as an OS such as memory management, threading, networking and file systems. Primarily intended to make development of embedded applications as similar as possible to development for other platforms by providing common features and services and eliminating the need to begin from scratch, Ultibo core can be used in many different ways.
You may want to use it simply to develop applications that take advantage of the extensive API to create connected devices, or Internet of Things (IoT), which support common hardware such as USB and standard protocols like IP, TCP and UDP or physical computing via GPIO control. Alternatively you might use it to experiment with operating system design and embedded development, avoiding the need to create everything from scratch and allowing you to focus on trying out ideas and concepts in an environment where the basics are already taken care of.
More advanced users may opt to use Ultibo core as a base for exploring specific ARM technologies such as TrustZone and Hypervisor mode, because you have complete and unrestricted hardware access you can "take over" one or more CPUs for example to use as you require and still allow Ultibo core to provide basic services like network connectivity and logging.
While Ultibo core is not designed as a real time operating system (RTOS) it offers unrestricted access to hardware and allows the option for including real time components without the need to circumvent the OS functionality.
Whichever way you choose to use it, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.
Getting Started
Based on the powerful open source Free Pascal compiler and the Lazarus integrated development environment (IDE), Ultibo core doesn't require you to gather together components to create a development environment or wrestle with linker script syntax. Everything you need to create and compile working applications is included in the installer download so you can create your first embedded application as easily as starting a new project, adding a few lines of code and compiling.
Getting Started - A simple guide to creating your first embedded application.
Demo Image - See what Ultibo can do by installing and running the demo image, or if you don’t have a Raspberry Pi you can watch a video of the demo on YouTube.
Architecture and Design
Designed as a unikernel or kernel in a run time library (RTL), Ultibo core is much more than just a boot loader or helper library. When you compile even the simplest application the core functionality of threading, memory management, interrupt handling, clock, timers, strings, objects etc is automatically included in your program so before your code is executed a complete environment has been established to support your application. You don't need to know how it works to use Ultibo core but being open source everything is there for you to explore.
Architecture - Detailed information about the internal workings of Ultibo core.
Developing with Ultibo
With support for almost all of the Free Pascal RTL functionality including memory, strings, classes, objects, files, threads, sockets, exceptions and unicode, most of the information and examples in the Free Pascal documentation can be used directly with little or no change. Ultibo core also includes additional APIs that allow direct access to core functionality and support for specific hardware and protocols.
Unit Reference - Complete API reference for all Ultibo core units.
Environment Variables - Details of all environment variables that can be passed on the command line.
Even though the installer download provides everything needed to get started, some may want to build the Ultibo RTL, or even FPC and Lazarus from sources in order to customize the way things work. If you're a Linux or Mac user, we don't currently provide a package that includes our modifications to FPC or Lazarus however you should be able to build your own using our build instructions as a starting point.
Building from Source - How to rebuild the RTL, FPC or Lazarus from source on Windows.
Building for Debian - Building FPC and the RTL for Debian Linux.
Building for Raspbian - Building FPC and the RTL for Raspbian Linux.
Building for Mac - Building FPC and the RTL for Mac OSX.
Supporting the Ultibo Project
Like any open source project there are many ways you can help and support, it could be as simple as telling others about it, sharing your projects, contributing some code or writing some documentation. You can even choose to directly sponsor a feature if you prefer. Whatever you might decide to do, the goal is always to create an environment where everyone can experience the excitement of creating something from their own imagination. For more details see Supporting Ultibo.
Current Status
Ultibo core is a work in progress (all software is) so not every feature is supported or fully implemented yet. The support for both features and hardware will continue to grow with each release with new support added based on need. Priority is always given to developing those things that have the most benefit and on ensuring that both performance and stability are continually improved.
Current Status - The status of support for features and functionality as at the current version.
Supported Hardware - Detailed information on what hardware is currently supported and ready to use.
Bug Tracking - Information about currently known and reported bugs.
Useful Resources
In spite of the revolution in information provided by the internet, sources of information are still scattered widely and can often be difficult to find unless you search for exactly the right words. We're gathering an ever growing list of resources related to all aspects of developing embedded devices so if you find something good let us know and we'll add it so that others can benefit.
Useful Resources - A collection of the best information we can find on everything related to Ultibo core.
Video Tutorials - Our video tutorial collection including the Discovering Ultibo series.
Ultibo  core  is  licensed  under  the  GNU  Lesser  General  Public  License  v2.1  and  is  freely  available  to  use_  modify  and  distribute  within  the  terms  of  the  license.  includes  an  exception  statement  to  permit  static  linking  with  files  that  are  licensed  under  different  terms.  from iphone
june 2018 by kgiverson

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