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More fairness might fix H-1B visa program | The Modesto Bee
There are reasons President Donald Trump chose Wisconsin to sign his “America First” executive order putting modest limits on the H-1B visas that allow companies to bring foreign-born workers with high-demand skills to America. Such an order is far more popular (and useless) in Wisconsin than it is in, say, Silicon Valley.
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april 2017 by eversourcenh
Modesto Bee: Disclose Act must pass to make Super PACS at least somewhat accountable
The federal Disclose Act is back in play, and none too soon, as newly empowered super PACs strut their stuff in the ugliest Republican primaries in recent memory.


The Sunlight Foundation ( is marshaling support for the Disclose Act. Check it out. It'll need some help.
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april 2012 by sunlightfoundation

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