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Impossible Things - accioromulus - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
Sirius’s thoughts are a slow-moving, impending disaster. How he wants to pin Remus up against the cupboards, to crowd him into a corner; how he wants to intertwine their fingers, to brush his lips against Remus’s forehead, his jaw. Instead, he settles for ducking his head and sliding a finger through the belt loop in Remus’s denim jeans—a ridiculous gesture so utterly intimate, even for the pair of them, that he only allows it because he’s just drunk enough.“Stop stealing my bloody clothes, Lupin.” He says, very quietly.Remus looks up at him, eyes dark, and murmurs pleasantly: “Better learn to do your own laundry then, Black. Consider it my fee.”***It was an impossible thing, living with Remus Lupin--but Sirius was doing it anyway. (Words: 13946)
rating:explicit  pairing:siriusblack/remuslupin  pairing:jamespotter/lilyevanspotter  alternateuniverse-modernsetting  modernau  roommates  gettogether  mwpp  marauders  maraudersau 
november 2018 by hepalien
(only mostly) false memories - angel_deux - The 100 (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Bellamy's minor head injury creates a memory of asking out his best friend Clarke a few weeks ago.

Which never happened.

the100  bellamy_clarke  amnesia  modernau  angst  romance  fluff  hurt!bellamy 
october 2018 by bekap
Have Love, Will Travel - Chapter 1 - squeemonster - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
Castiel Novak is a reclusive writer with a childhood so tragic it's left him terrified to leave his home—until his overbearing brother, Gabriel, drags him out for a night on the town full of booze and strip clubs, and he encounters Dean Winchester, a mesmerizing and mysterious stripper with secrets of his own. Both men find themselves inexplicably drawn to each other, and soon Dean's private dances for Castiel become much more, as both men confess their troubles and find solace in each other's company. But neither can seem to find the courage to take their relationship further than the intimacy of the club's VIP Room—and just when Dean's own brother gives him the excuse he needs to finally admit his feelings, Dean discovers something that brings it all crumbling down. Will they find a way past their demons and their trust issues, and back to each other?
spn  dean/castiel  au  modernau  writer!cas  stripper!dean  angst  romance  smut 
october 2018 by bekap
a flower at my feet
Eponine remembers when she's ten. Les Amis take a little more work.
lesmis  lesamis  modernau  au  reincarnation 
august 2018 by misandrywitch
But Paris was a very old city and we were young
Perhaps somewhere in between all the cups of coffee, shots of tequila, sunny March days, terrible lumpy jumpers, love, cigarettes, drunken nights and the desire to change the world they'll all leave Paris with a degree in something. Or not. Grantaire's money is on no. But he's a pessimist who's hopelessly in love, so perhaps his opinion shouldn't count.
lesmis  lesamis  exr  chaptered  modernau  au 
august 2018 by misandrywitch
soft targets
Enjolras is up late studying for finals when there is a loud thump at his apartment window.
lesmis  exr  chaptered  modernau  au 
august 2018 by misandrywitch
I'm in Paris with the Slightest Thing You Do
This is his loudest delcaration--but it's barely above a whisper.
lesmis  exr  modernau  au  series  tattoos 
august 2018 by misandrywitch
and the wall leaned away (or: The Pros and Cons of Tilling)
There's a sudden tension at one end of the table: an indrawn breath, an electromagnet switched on. Courfeyrac glances towards the head of the table, and Grantaire--her peripheral vision blinkered by her hood--is treated to a truly exciting display of alarm from him. Courfeyrac opens his mouth, about to cut off--

"If you need a date for the night…"

And he's too late. Grantaire turns, and catches Enjolras's gaze full in the face.


(In which Grantaire's having a Week, but it could be so, so much worse. It could be last year.)
lesmis  lesamis  exr  femslash  genderswap  modernau  au  favorite 
august 2018 by misandrywitch
still mystified by things
Looking back on it, a lot of things could have been avoided if Enjolras had owned up to his feelings sooner

you know, instead of being in love with Grantaire for a whole year without saying anything
lesmis  exr  modernau  au  chaptered 
august 2018 by misandrywitch
not just one of the crowd
Grantaire has never had self-control.

Enjolras, it appears, has little either. He looks up now from where he’s tinkering with wires and things – far be it from Grantaire to have a useful skill like maintenance, self- or otherwise, though he can’t help hovering, aching to give Enjolras a wrench or a screwdriver or his heart – and says, “You need more literature.”
lesmis  exr  au  modernau  bakers  favorite 
august 2018 by misandrywitch
Steal Your Heart Away
Grantaire comes back from his latest job redistributing priceless art to find that Fantine has hired an archangel to work at Sur-Mer Antiques. It certainly makes his life more interesting.
modernau  exr  lesmis  au  arttheft 
august 2018 by misandrywitch
these things take time
He’s always wary of making assumptions; even more so when Grantaire is concerned. He knows he’s not the easiest person to deal with. People either like him or can’t stand him, and it’s easy to respond to those reactions, but Grantaire—Grantaire is hostile and mocking, Grantaire scorns his beliefs, and Grantaire stays.
exr  modernau  au  chaptered  slowburn  addiction  mentalhealth 
august 2018 by misandrywitch
hold courage to your chest
In which friendships are formed, flautists are wooed, and schoolwork is shamelessly ignored in favour of gossip and criminal activities.
au  modernau  sixofcrows 
august 2018 by misandrywitch
Long Live Living (If Living Can Be This)
It's the final summer before university, and Sirius has a sneaking suspicion he's missing something. A summer of pillow-forts, drinking & numerous re-watches of Dirty Dancing ensues. Non-magical AU set in Warwick Castle.
rxs  jamesxlily  au  modernau  highschoolau  favorite  bestforever  chaptered 
august 2018 by misandrywitch
The Northern Line
Every morning before work, Sirius dodges his mother's barbs, runs the family business, sorts his brother's blunders, and trades insults with his best friend. He also falls in love.
rxs  modernau  au  hp 
august 2018 by misandrywitch

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