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The Internet’s Hidden Rules: An Empirical Study of Reddit Norm Violations at Micro, Meso, and Macro Scales
Norms are central to how online communities are governed. Yet, norms are also emergent, arise from interaction,
and can vary significantly between communities—making them challenging to study at scale. In this paper,
we study community norms on Reddit in a large-scale, empirical manner. Via 2.8M comments removed by
moderators of 100 top subreddits over 10 months, we use both computational and qualitative methods to
identify three types of norms: macro norms that are universal to most parts of Reddit; meso norms that
are shared across certain groups of subreddits; and micro norms that are specific to individual, relatively
unique subreddits. Given the size of Reddit’s user base—and the wide range of topics covered by different
subreddits—we argue this represents the first large-scale study of norms across disparate online communities.
In other words, these findings shed light on what Reddit values, and how widely-held those values are.
We conclude by discussing implications for the design of new and existing online communities.
sociology  reddit  machine-learning  moderation  social-norms 
6 days ago by grahammitchell
"A Honeypot For Assholes": Inside Twitter’s 10-Year Failure To Stop Harassment
And while Blogger’s free speech problems were novel, small-scale, and often abstract, Twitter’s follower model and public reply system proved thornier to manage. There’s a big difference between people saying hurtful things on the easily moderated comment section of a hard-to-find blog and people showing up in your mentions spewing hate speech
blogs  twitter  moderation  to_blog 
22 days ago by yorksranter
Talk - The Coral Project
mozilla/wapo/etc funded, Vox-owned commenting engine designed for news sites w/ strong moderation tools
comments  forum  platform  opensource  moderated  moderation 
4 weeks ago by sstrudeau

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