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Object Mockups and Design Assets
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14 days ago by barry
Create beautiful screenshots with device mockups
android  iPhone  screenshot  mockup  design 
16 days ago by Fabian
karanchahal/DoodleMaster: "Don't code your UI, Draw it !"
The Doodle Master seeks to turn your UI mockups into real code. Currently this repository just serves to demonstrate a Proof Of Concept of Artificially Intelligent Design Tools.
ui  drawing  mockup  design  generator  ai 
18 days ago by segfault
AppLaunchpad - Create beautiful App Store & Google Play images for your app
AppLaunchpad is an android & ios screenshot generator to create customized App Store & Google Play images for your app & export them in resolutions Apple & Google require.
design  mockup 
5 weeks ago by secicl
App Screenshot Maker | Screenshot Builder | Screenshot Generator for Appstore & Google Play
AppInstitute's App Screenshot Creator makes it easy for anyone launching an App to create beautiful, custom App Screenshots for both Google Play and the AppStore. Generate App Screenshots in minutes for Free.
design  mockup 
5 weeks ago by secicl
Screely - Generate Beautiful Mockups
Instantly turn your screenshot into a beautiful 'dribbble ready' design mockup you can share anywhere
screenshots  tools  images  mockup  generator  web 
5 weeks ago by cnu
Screely - Generate Beautiful Mockups
스크린샷을 디자인 목업으로 바꿔주는 서비스인데 디자인할 일이 없다보니 써보질 못했다.
recommended  design  mockup  sketch  screenshot  graphics  web 
6 weeks ago by andromedarabbit

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