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DonaldWhyte/double: Mocking framework for Rust -- inspired by googlemock
Mocking framework for Rust -- inspired by googlemock - DonaldWhyte/double
rustlang  testing  mocking 
20 days ago by omen
MockAPI is a simple tool that lets you easily mock up APIs, generate custom data, and preform operations on it using RESTful interface. MockAPI is meant to be used as a prototyping/testing/learning tool.
api  mocking  testing 
22 days ago by acrookston
API Mocks and why should we care – Kapil Aggarwal – Medium
Service virtualization, Fakes, Stubs, Mocks, dummies etc are all different categories of Test Doubles which on broader level return a response for a given request in a controlled manner. In below…
api  mocking  testing 
22 days ago by acrookston
255kb/mockoon: Mock REST APIs in seconds.
Mockoon is a free and open source local server/API mocking tool built with Electron and can be used on Windows, Linux and MacOS.
testing  api  mocking  tool 
5 weeks ago by bkittelmann
Python Mock and MagicMock
While I’m looking for a way to test my function that has a pymysql query, I stumble upon a code snippet with this line. (the same time I saw python autospeccing). I always use Mock when I do unit…
python  mocking 
6 weeks ago by phubbard

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