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Write tests for your PHP code,
not code for the tests.
php  testing  mock 
yesterday by vojtabiberle
microcks/microcks: Manage your micro-services mocks !
Manage your micro-services mocks ! Contribute to microcks/microcks development by creating an account on GitHub.
type:application  kubernetes  api  mock 
15 days ago by endorama
JFYI : overriding @Module classes with Dagger 2 [in tests]
Some notes about overriding @Module with Dagger2 in tests.
dagger  test  mock  android 
18 days ago by lgtout
Interceptors - OkHttp
An HTTP & HTTP/2 client for Android and Java applications
okhttp  interceptor  mock  docs 
18 days ago by lgtout
droidcon NYC 2017 - Advanced HTTP Mocking with WireMock - YouTube
Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.
wiremock  mock  webserver  video  http  android 
18 days ago by lgtout
mocklab/mocklab-demo-app: MockLab demo Java app based on Spring Boot
MockLab demo Java app based on Spring Boot. Contribute to mocklab/mocklab-demo-app development by creating an account on GitHub.
mocklab  webserver  mock  testing  example  project 
20 days ago by lgtout
Automated Testing with Java | MockLab
Creating automated tests in Java and MockLab
mock  webserver  setup  mocklab  example  project 
20 days ago by lgtout
akiraux/Akira: Native Linux App for UI and UX Design built in Vala and Gtk
Native Linux App for UI and UX Design built in Vala and Gtk - akiraux/Akira
type:application  os:linux  design  ui  ux  mock 
21 days ago by endorama
python - How can I simulate input to stdin for pyunit? - Stack Overflow
As of Python 3.5 "If you are patching builtins in a module then you don’t need to pass create=True, it will be added by default."

<code class="language-python">
@patch.object(module_under_test, "raw_input", create=True)
def test_using_decorator(self, raw_input):
raw_input.return_value = input_data = "123"
expected = int(input_data)

actual = module_under_test.function()

self.assertEqual(expected, actual)</code>
python  mock  monkeypatching  testing  unittest  solution 
21 days ago by kme
Mockaroo - Random Data Generator and API Mocking Tool | JSON / CSV / SQL / Excel
페북에서 추천받은 데이터 생성기
예전에 이거랑 비슷한거 핀해둔게 있는데
나중에 쓸일이 생기면 비교해봐야겠다
dummy  generator  test  mock 
23 days ago by ncrash

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