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Best Motherboards for Intel Core i7 CPUs 2019 [Motherboard Guide]
1 HDMI port
1 LAN / RJ45 port
2 USB 3.1
4 USB 3.0
4 USB 2.0
1 Optical S/PDIF out
5 Audio jacks
1 Clear CMOS button
2 Wi-Fi antenna ports
1 USB BIOS flashback button
moBo  i7  specification  COP4600 
october 2018 by mikeRuns
Mobo awards take 'gap year' to plan future - BBC News
This year's Mobo awards have been put on hold, as organisers make plans to revamp the ceremony for 2019.
MOBO  MOBOAwards  Music  MusicAwards  AwardCeremonies  BBCNews  MusicNews  BlackMusic  Rest  GapYear  Breaks 
september 2018 by dk33per
AMD Ryzen motherboards explained: The crucial differences in every AM4 chipset | PCWorld
AMD Ryzen motherboards explained: The crucial differences in every AM4 chipset
AMD  Ryzen  mobo  differences  in  AM4  chipset  2018 
may 2018 by kilroy2
bios - How to enable hardware virtualization on AMD Asus motherboard - Super User
I needed to modify the mobo SVM settings to enable 64bit Linux virtualization on Spenser
serenpickity  amd  mobo  virtualisation 
march 2018 by jrwi
Wednesday’s TV: Mobo Awards 2017, Peaky Blinders, How to Build a Robot | Television & radio | The Guardian
The annual celebration seems Stormzy nominated for five awards, and the Black Hand come after Arthur. Plus: a team of boffins make an approachable robot
MOBO  MOBOAwards  BBC  BBCNews  BBCNewsbeat  2017  Stormzy  Awards  AwardCeremonies  Listings  TVListings  TheGuardian 
november 2017 by dk33per
Mobos 2017: Stormzy steals the show with three award wins - BBC Newsbeat
Stormzy was the success story of the 2017 Mobos - picking up three awards. He was named best male act, best grime act and won best album for Gang Signs & Prayer. The London star broke into the mainstream this year with a number one album and top 10 single, Big For Your Boots.
MOBO  MOBOAwards  BBC  BBCNews  BBCNewsbeat  2017  Stormzy  Awards  AwardCeremonies 
november 2017 by dk33per
MOBO UnSung 2016: Get To Know Our Top 10 Finalists! | MOBO Organisation
MOBO UnSung returned in 2016 and drew our attention to a brand new crop of emerging talent. After receiving a huge volume of applications, we instantly knew that it wasn't going to be easy to narrow it down to just 10 finalists. However, thanks to a public vote and an industry panel, which included MOBO Award-winner Lady Leshurr and music manager Kwame Kwaten, we came up with a Top 10 that highlights the outstanding untapped talent we have here in the UK. This is your chance to get to know the Top 10 finalists who impressed us with their versatile and refreshing talent.
MOBO  MOBOAwards  MOBOUnSung  Shortlist  Finalists  Blog  MusicBlogs  Alika  Mega(singer)  LizLubega  Music  BlackPeople  BlackCulture 
august 2017 by dk33per
Mobos: Craig David crowned best male act | Music | The Guardian
MOBO Awards Kano Ms Dynamite Shakka Esperanza Spalding Popcaan Nicola Adams Lady Leshurr Craig David Music news
MOBO  Awards  Kano  Ms  Dynamite  Shakka  Esperanza  Spalding  Popcaan  Nicola  Adams  Lady  Leshurr  Craig  David  Music  news 
november 2016 by dk33per

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