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General Motors' New eBikes Have ARĪVed |
The motor delivers top-of-segment power and torque for its size. It can travel at speeds of a little more than 15 miles per hour with four levels of pedal-assisted power. Riders can charge their ARĪV eBike’s battery in approximately 3.5 hours and range is nearly 40 miles on a single charge, GM said.
GM also made a point of saying the ARĪV eBikes were engineered and designed in GM facilities in Michigan and Oshawa, Ontario
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RT : “Tell Me What You Want, What You Really, Really Want”: A Sustainable Supply Chain
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Six Requirements for Growing and Scaling Autonomous Mobility
"The driverless future promised by next-generation mobility is expressed today in terms of two innovations: on-demand mobility services, e.g., ride-hailing, and microtransit, and autonomous vehicles used for consumer transportation and logistics. Currently it is necessary to evaluate the performance of these innovations using two distinct lifecycles. Figure 1 shows where we are in each of these lifecycles."
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VW-Dienst Moia im Preisvergleich: Wer zwischen Elbphilharmonie und Partyviertel am billigsten fährt
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We believe that great technology should benefit everyone. The team at Nuro is accelerating a future where robots make life easier and help us connect to the people and things we love. Together, we’re pushing the boundaries of robotics to improve human life.
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6 days ago by qwasi
Why Your Phone (and Other Gadgets) Fail You When It’s Cold
Less resistance means these batteries generate less waste energy as heat (a good thing in more mild climes). But the absence of waste heat also means they’re more vulnerable when temperatures plummet. The colder it gets, the slower the metabolism of the chemical reaction inside the battery. The battery drains faster as a result. If you’ve ever been texting someone at a healthy-looking 25 percent charge only to have your phone die mid-eggplant emoji two seconds later, you’re familiar with how steep the drop-off can be. “It’s very dramatic,” says Singh. Carrying around a smartphone in any weather colder than –35 degrees F, he says, will kill it completely in 5 minutes—right around the time frostbite would strike the hand holding it. Such deficiencies are particularly pronounced in devices like smartphones, which are designed to sit mostly inactive for long periods of time throughout the day. Their batteries never draw enough current to heat themselves. But vehicles like drones and electric cars, which demand very high power for shorter periods of time, can generate enough warmth to keep the batteries going, just at a greatly reduced level of performance
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4 Practical Reasons to Invest in a Home Elevator
As the cost of materials and technology has decreased, home elevators have become a resource that’s accessible to more and more people.
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12 days ago by Adventure_Web
RT : Autonomous driving has the potential to drastically change urban . With the Vision URBANETIC, our vision i…
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