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Accelerating Precision Health by Applying the Lessons Learned from Direct-to-Consumer Genomics to Digital Health Technologies - National Academy of Medicine | National Academy of Medicine
In the field of genomics and precision health, digital health apps are also making their way onto the market. For instance, Helix launched a DNA app store in July 2017 that acts as a “one stop shop” for interested individuals to interact with their genomic data [6]. The Scripps Translational Science Institute’s MyGeneRank study is using genetic information received from users of 23andMe, a personal genetics company [7], to assess genetic risk for coronary heart disease and reporting it back through a mobile app [8]. Other research efforts, such as the All of Us Research Program, hope to use wearables and other home-health technologies to gather environmental and personal health measurements to correlate with patient outcomes data [9,10].
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RT : 🕗80% of the time you spent on a smartphone, you're using a ! 🤳 Ready to create your own one with…
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RT : is amazing for application development and the performance is similar to android and…
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RT : When apps are slowing down workflows, it's time for an overhaul. One company used
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Wehe: Check Your ISP for Net Neutrality Violations
What does Wehe do?

Wehe uses your device to exchange traffic recorded from real, popular apps like YouTube and Spotify---effectively making it look as if you are using those apps. As a result, if an ISP tries to slow down an YouTube, our app would see the same behavior
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ObjectBox - Mobile Database
The easy object-oriented database for small devices.

Strong support of relations. Kotlin / Java Rx support. Much faster than SQLite, so you can develop faster apps.
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