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Code Your First Ionic 2 App: A Photo Sharing App
In this two-part tutorial series, you're learning how to create your very first Ionic 2 app. Now that you've set up your development environment and learned about the development workflow in Ionic...
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2 days ago by schroeda
RT : Here's one thing that would make purchasing easier:
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3 days ago by callenet
Apache Cordova
Mobile apps with HTML, CSS & JS
Target multiple platforms with one code base
mobile  android  webdev  javascript 
3 days ago by hayzer
Lightweight javascript in-memory database: LokiJS -
A fast, in-memory document-oriented datastore for node.js, browser and cordova.
database  javascript  library  mobile  in-memory  nosql  cordova  phonegap  nodejs 
3 days ago by koehr
Samsung’s Bixby Hopes the World Needs Another Voice Assistant | WIRED
Bixby represents a major reboot for S Voice, the voice assistant you probably forgot Samsung already has. Introduced in 2012 with the Galaxy S III, S Voice was largely a “me-too” voice platform that launched the year after Siri. It wasn’t terrible, it just didn’t distinguish itself. But Bixby will (eventually) feature advanced AI that could leapfrog Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri when it comes to speech comprehension, and Samsung’s enormous scale could make it a dominant player in the emerging voice-assistant space.
mobile  voice  technology  hardware 
3 days ago by dancall
How to engage effectively in mobile micro-moments
Cross-channel research and purchase is becoming the new norm.
Enter showrooming. Mobile devices serve not only as a platform for direct purchase and research, but also aid consumers in their purchase journey, driving multiplatform purchase behaviour. For those consumers for whom researching a product on a mobile device is not enough, both showrooming and multi-screening are taking place.
Some 44% of mobile purchasers have purchased a product on their mobile device after checking it out in-store, while 38% have done the same after researching via laptop/PC. It is widely acknowledged that the traditional model of the purchase funnel is not as linear as it was once thought to be and the phenomenon of showrooming is a case in point. Mobile micro-moments do not exist in splendid isolation in a digital world of their own: they are fully integrated with our day- to-day lives, and planners should consider that consumers could be just as likely to research in-store and purchase on mobile as they are to research on mobile and purchase in-store.
mobile  tablets  stats  trends  ecommerce  advertising  targeting  location 
3 days ago by dancall
Write iOS apps in Java along with Android – Medium
Worldwide, Android is installed on 66% of mobile devices, while iOS is used by 24% of the global users. But in countries, where users generates more revenue (like USA or UK) more people uses an iOS…
crossplatform  android  ios  multios  native  mobile 
3 days ago by lgtout

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