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MOB1 - Ocean Signal
> The worlds smallest personal locating AIS Man OverBoard device with integrated DSC
ais  mob  sailing  dsc  vhf 
16 days ago by floehopper
Opinion | Never Tweet - The New York Times
The Covington saga illustrates how every day the media’s favorite social network tugs journalists deeper into the rip currents of tribal melodrama, short-circuiting our better instincts in favor of mob- and bot-driven groupthink. 
twitter  news  journalism  political  bots  mob 
27 days ago by vanevery
a flower to pillow thy head
Yuuri is taken walking out of a flower shop, of all places.

He’s just bought a bouquet of bright blue roses because they’re Viktor’s favorite, because he loves Viktor and he loves the way his eyes light up and his cheeks flush pink whenever Yuuri does something to surprise him. He pushes through the door and hears it chime with his exit, buries his face into the soft blue petals, and has just enough time to feel the gentle curve of a smile lift the corners of his lips before the first man is on him.
fic  slash  au  mob  pairing:Victor/Yuuri  fandom:Yurri!!!_on_Ice  protective_Victor  kidnapping 
4 weeks ago by Ishara
Written for the prompt: Valjean got away clean with the bishop's silver and never had his Road-to-Damascus epiphany. Instead, he ends up becoming a powerful fixture in the Parisian underworld, one of Montparnasse's lieutenants.

Enter police spy Javert, dedicated to putting an end to corruption and gangs of thieves. Except, oops, Valjean recognizes him as his former prison guard, and is going to hand him over to Montparnasse. Unless Javert can convince him otherwise...
fic  slash  au  fandom:Les_Miserables  pairing:Valjean/Javert  mob  dark 
4 weeks ago by Ishara
Shame Storm by Helen Andrews | Articles | First Things
“I would tell him to bend over and take it. And then I’d apologize. I’d tell him the whole system is broken and evil, and I’m sorry it’s attacking him. But there’s nothing that can be done.”
culture  internet  shame  mob  media 
6 weeks ago by soobrosa
The Associates Series by ikeracity, Pangea
Currently 8 stories in the series. Erik is a mutant mob boss and Charles is a Professor sometimes hired by Erik. Also, they are in love. My favorite is A Dangerous Game.
Erik/Charles  series  x-men  favorite  modern  mob 
7 weeks ago by allhoneyboo
RT : The last responsible moment for booking onto 's programming course in on 27th November i…
Edinburgh  mob  from twitter
november 2018 by tooky
Trump’s ties to an informant and FBI agent reveal his mode of operation - The Washington Post
Donald Trump listened skeptically as his labor consultant bragged in early 1981 about connections to New York’s underworld.

Daniel Sullivan, who dealt with labor problems at Trump’s construction sites, was a 42-year-old giant of a man with great charm and a criminal record. He told Trump he was tight not only with leaders of unions, some of them fronts for the mob, but also with the FBI.

Trump was dubious.

“He was . . . a big storyteller,” Trump recently told The Washington Post. “He portrayed himself to be the closest person on earth to the FBI.”
trump  mob  criminal  fbi 
november 2018 by Jswindle
The Landline
Rafael’s eyes narrowed and he took a sip of wine. “Is there a Carisi mob connection that I should know about?”

“Not Carisi,” Sonny said honestly, taking a gulp of wine.

“Your mother’s side of the family then.” Rafael didn't pitch it as a question and Sonny didn't acknowledge it with anything more than a shrug.
fic  slash  au  mob  pairing:Barba/Carisi  fandom:Law_&_Order:SVU  angst  established-relationship 
november 2018 by Ishara
RT : In less than 2 weeks will be running a programming class in Edinburgh. There are a few tickets lef…
mob  from twitter
november 2018 by tooky
Going Native by Uncanny Cookie
The New Guy(TM) at Salt Middle School just wants to survive the school year without having to interact with anyone. Really, he doesn't feel like that's too much to ask.

Too bad the Quiet Guy(TM) in his class is ruining his life by showing up with actual choke marks on his neck that nobody else seems to notice for some reason.
fanfic  mob.psycho.100  outside.PoV  gen  ocs  injury  Mob  ao3  words:<5.000  miscommunication 
november 2018 by hatinjacket

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