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feministmedia: lierdumoa: I made these points...
feministmedia: “ lierdumoa: “ I made these points in a reblog, but I want to re-state them in their own post, so that it shows up in the main tag. Mad Max: Fury Road is a story about sexists, told by...
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march 2018 by sasha_feather
The Male Power Fantasy (and why Mad Max and Captain Kirk don't fit)
This relates to a theory I have, which is that the archetypal Western Male Hero is James Bond, to the degree that people (Mainly straight white men) start to see every Western Male Hero as James Bond. Which is to say an aggressively masculine, quip-spitting, hyper violent womanizer. The ultimate Male Power Fantasy. A new supermodel love interest (or two) every film, a gun in his hand, and no consequences for his actions.
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march 2017 by djwudi
Fight Club and toxic masculinity (with a side of Mad Max: Fury Road)
Hold up - you mean there are people who watch Fight Club and don’t realise that Tyler Durden is meant to be full of shit?
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march 2017 by djwudi
A Tasting Menu of Female Representation
Several simple guidelines for gauging how well women are presented in media. Bechdel, Mako Mori, Sexy Lamp, Anti-Freeze, Strength is Relative, and Furiosa, and Pizza Night tests.
sexism  media  film  representation  bechdel  bechdeltest  makomori  pacificrim  sexylamp  antifreeze  strengthisrelative  furiosa  madmaxfuryroad  mmfr  pizzanight 
march 2017 by djwudi
I Think Of This Name As Buried, by exmanhater
"How did you survive?" she asks, on the third morning.

"I'm good at it," Miss Giddy replies.
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november 2016 by jedusaur
Today in the Loser Pavilion.... - MMFR characters as dril tweets
Imperator Furiosa: i get in my car and 100 men smear their asses up againt my windshield and doors. Unbelievable. i'm late for work. This is clownish.
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january 2016 by mournjargon
more on gender and the sisters
in a lesser movie, a woman who believes in ethics and pacifist idealism and doesn’t handle guns would be… condescended to by the narrative in various ways.
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september 2015 by mournjargon
fuck yeah i saw that — max, furiosa and loneliness
Max is both isolated and self-isolating. It’s easy for isolation to become a self-reinforcing pattern–to get so used to not having anyone that you think you don’t need anyone. Sometimes you actively push people away when they’re reaching out (”I’ll make my own way”), because the thought of getting used to needing someone else and then finding them not there–through horrible circumstance or their own choice–is too painful. Easier to just keep doing it all on your own. Keep those walls intact.
mmfr  films  isolation  vulnerability 
august 2015 by mournjargon
On Evaluative Criticism | bigtallwords
Reading and interpreting a text’s ideology is not about aligning it with your own politics to justify liking it, even if that’s possible to do sometimes. Liking a thing or not will happen more-or-less automatically and feeling one way or another about it, on its own, says nothing about a person although I admit it feels like it. The significance is in understanding the why of the matter.
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august 2015 by mournjargon
Max’s Violation: A Substitute for The Prisoners' Pain
Male heroes experience pain and brutalization as a plot point on their way through the story, not as a starting point, not as something to run away from.
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july 2015 by mournjargon
lierdumoa, Why Fury Road’s Heroes Are Better Than Ur Fav
Fury Road is so refreshing because it doesn’t use Immortan Joe’s villainy as an excuse to brush off the milder sexism of the film’s male heroes.
mmfr  feminism  misogyny  films 
july 2015 by mournjargon
7 ways ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ sublimely subverts movie sexism
It is the most subversive action blockbuster in existence and it is glorious.
mmfr  films  sexism  stereotypes  feminism 
july 2015 by mournjargon

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