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fast text classification with deep neural net models.
nlp  ml  machinelearning  classification  text 
12 hours ago by tswaterman
Introducing NLP Architect by Intel AI Lab - Intel AI
intel releases a bunch of frameworks and models for NLP - parsing, entity detections, etc
intel  nlp  text  ai  ml  parsing  entities 
15 hours ago by tswaterman
MXNet: A Scalable Deep Learning Framework
A flexible and efficient library for deep learning
deeplearning  ml 
17 hours ago by tobym
GCV Analytics | Home
Global Corporate Venturing Analytics addresses the gaps found in traditional, broadly marketed data products to deliver corporate venture teams the data and tools they need to develop the insights and data-driven decisions. We provide data and insights for Corporate Venturers, Private Equity Firms and Venture Capitalists through a self-service analytics platform that enables you to get what you need, when you need it.
vc  analytics  data  venturecapital  ml  UK 
20 hours ago by shalmaneser
Cloud-Based CMMS Software, Asset Maintenance Software | Fiix
Let the Fiix dashboard do the work for you. Make better decisions, faster with turbo-charged visualized maintenance data and analytics at your fingertips.
software  maintenance  ml  USA 
yesterday by shalmaneser
payment  finance  software  ml  USA 
yesterday by shalmaneser

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