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FundGuard is a cloud-based enterprise operating platform for asset managers, asset owners, custodian banks and fund administrators to manage investments across mutual funds and ETFs, alternatives, insurance, and pension.
fundmanagement  software  ml  D&A  USA 
2 hours ago by shalmaneser
Supplier Management Solution In The Cloud -
LiveSource is a  supplier management solution built for manufacturers in the automotive, aerospace & defense, complex manufacturing, and medical industries and specifically designed to help you get better quality, more innovative products to market faster, at lower cost and with fewer supply chain disruptions.
manufacturing  software  ml  USA  tmt 
2 hours ago by shalmaneser
Infusionsoft: Small Business CRM, Sales & Marketing Software
Put all your customer info in one place so it's easier to see the latest status on tasks, sales opportunities, and email results.
crm  software  tmt  ml  USA 
3 hours ago by shalmaneser
OpenCV People Counter - PyImageSearch
In this tutorial you will learn how to build a “people counter” with OpenCV and Python. Using OpenCV, we’ll count the number of people who are heading “in” or “out” of a department store in real-time.
object-tracking  python  ML 
13 hours ago by nccollignon
Chinese city to launch man-made moon to light up skies
First “artificial moon” to launch in China within a couple years.
17 hours ago by simsalis
Raster Vision
An open source framework for deep learning on satellite and aerial imagery.
cartography  gis  ml  tools 
22 hours ago by nicklally

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