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[1803.11511] Length segregation in mixtures of spherocylinders induced by imposed topological defects
We explore length segregation in binary mixtures of spherocylinders of lengths L1 and L2 with the same diameter D which are tangentially confined on a spherical surface of radius R. The orientation of spherocylinders is constrained along an externally imposed direction field on the sphere which is either along the longitude or the latitude lines of the sphere. In both situations, integer orientational defects at the poles are imposed. We show that these topological defects induce a complex segregation picture also depending on the length ratio factor γ=L2/L1 and the total packing fraction η of the spherocylinders. When the binary mixture is aligned along longitudinal lines of the sphere, shorter rods tend to accumulate at the topological defects of the polar caps whereas longer rods occupy central equatorial area of the spherical surface. In the reverse case of latitude ordering, a state can emerge where longer rods are predominantly both in the cap and in the equatorial areas and shorter rods are localized in between. As a reference situation, we consider a defect-free situation in the flat plane and do not find any length segregation there at similar γ and η, hence the segregation is purely induced by the imposed topological defects. It is also revealed that the shorter rods at γ=4 and η≥0.5 act as obstacles to the rotational relaxation of the longer rods when all orientational constraints are released.
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2 days ago by Vaguery
Kick is so loud in my meters but sounds so quiet in the mix : audioengineering
r/audioengineering: Products, practices, and stories about the profession or hobby of recording, editing, and producing audio.
audio  mixing  dissertation 
27 days ago by Noleli
Mixing Station | dev-core
Mixing Station is an app for remote controlling digital mixing consoles.
It’s designed for musicians as well as professional audio engineers.
audio  software  crossplatform  mixing 
5 weeks ago by raphman
Tracking the PlusToken Whale: Attempted Bitcoin Mixing and Its Impact on Wasabi Wallet
Recently, I found some odd whale behavior merging hundreds of Wasabi mix outputs. Following the whale’s trail led to thousands of BTC reportedly controlled by the massive scam, PlusToken. via Pocket
IFTTT  Pocket  anonymity  bitcoin  coin  laundry  mixing  plus  wasabi 
10 weeks ago by ChristopherA
Avoid clipping in your final mix | Renoise
"You may have heard of the term 'bit-perfect', and if you would like to learn more about bit-depth issues you can delve into the subject here. Without heavily going into the details it is important to adjust your playback volume of your monitors (speaker or headphones) using an analogue fader, not a digital one. This means your soundcard channel volumes (if the card has a software mixer) all have to be set at 0dB. This will prevent bit-level degradation to the sound. Some people's studios have an amplifier or hardware mixer connected to the soundcard output before it goes the monitors – adjust the playback volume there. Similarly, if your monitors are active and have rear attenuators, you can adjust the playback volume that way. Or, you can do what I've done and get a passive analogue volume knob that sits between the soundcard output and my active monitors (see picture below of my big knob!). Whatever method you choose, it will sound better if you're adjusting the playback volume with an analogue fader – digital adjustment isn't bit-perfect and can kill representation of dynamics at settings other than 0dB. If all of this sounds a bit too daunting for you then you can just adjust the master output fader on your soundcard, and make a project of later on getting an analogue fader to do that job properly."
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11 weeks ago by ssam

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