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4 days ago by upmixed
version control - What's the difference between git reset --mixed, --soft, and --hard? - Stack Overflow

You don't have to force yourself to remember differences between them. Think of how you actually made a commit.

1.Make some changes.

2.git add .

3.gc -m "I did Something"

Soft, Mixed and Hard is the way enabling you to give up the operations you did from 3 to 1.

Soft "pretended" to never see you have did "gc -m".

Mixed "pretended" to never see you have did "git add ."

Hard "pretended" to never see you have made file changes.
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15 days ago by fareed
Crescent Girls' School Debuts Mixed Reality Learning in Virtual Nuclear Disaster With HoloLens
Launched as a tripartite collaboration between Crescent Girls’ School (CGS), Serl.io and Microsoft, cutting-edge Mixed Reality (MR) technology comes to the classroom in the form of holographic virtual simulations that transport students across locations and time. This MR learning experience is the first implemented in Singapore, leveraging on the simplicity and portability of the Microsoft...

The post Crescent Girls’ School Debuts Mixed Reality Learning in Virtual Nuclear Disaster With HoloLens appeared first on .
Crescent  Girls’  School  Debuts  Mixed  Reality  Learning  in  Virtual  Nuclear  Disaster  With  HoloLens 
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