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What Meets the Eye
Amnesia is just another case to solve. Piece together unfamiliar faces, reconstruct the old identity, the lost reality. A challenge that Sherlock could even enjoy. He can read people like books. The man with the silver hair is his boss. The tottering old woman, his landlady. The girl with the worried look in her eyes…infatuated. And as for John Watson? His husband. Obviously.
author:worldaccordingtofangirls  fandom:sherlock(bbc)  pairing:sherlock/john  amnesia  mistaken!identity  ***** 
may 2012 by cepaea
Emotions Outweigh Logic
Very few people can make Spock feel emotion. Jim is one of those few. He has the ability to cause emotions in Spock without even trying. So when Spock has the opportunity to let him emotions run free with Jim, he takes it. It is illogical to have sex with Jim, especially when Jim thinks he is a woman with the genitals to match, but sometimes emotions outweigh logic.
author:stella_andrea  fandom:startrek  pairing:kirk/spock  pwp  fluff  crossdressing  mistaken!identity 
january 2011 by cepaea
"Oh fuck." The guy-with-the-eyes says before turning back to his living room. "Which one of you ordered the stripper? He's waaaay early. Megan isn't even done with her party yet."

"Hey, I. Uh. No, I'm not. I mean." Kris feels his blush starting and he wants to run away but those cupcakes aren't going to sweeten themselves, and it's his bosses birthday tomorrow and he's in charge of cupcakes. He takes a deep breath. "Can I borrow a cup of sugar?"
author:elleohelle  pairing:adam/kris  au  humor  mistaken!identity  fandom:americanidol 
january 2011 by cepaea
Born Upon the Tide
Pirates, kidnapping, and a case of mistaken identity separate Jared and Jensen. But neither of them intends to go down without a fight.
author:neros-violin  fandom:supernatural  pairing:jared/jensen  crossover  humor  au  pirate  mistaken!identity 
march 2010 by cepaea
The Best Thing
John has an unexpected visitor in the middle of night. ["City doesn't say much about those things, Rodney." "Why not?" Rodney's voice was hard but soft, but not so soft that the guards and those closest to the gate floor didn't hear him. "Because you're too busy fucking?"]
author:master_elayna  fandom:stargateatlantis  pairing:mckay/sheppard  mckay/sheppard  sentient!atlantis  mistaken!identity  jealous  *** 
december 2009 by cepaea
Grapes of Wrath and other Forbidden Fruit
Jared Padalecki only knows one goal in life: revenge on his twin brother Jeffrey who stole their family company. A chance encounter with Jeff's fiancé Jensen might give him the perfect opportunity to get it.
author:astri13  fake!relationship  mistaken!identity  au  twin  lie  supernatural  jared/jensen  *** 
december 2009 by cepaea
Adam pushed himself up and loomed up over Kris, his eyes heavy-lidded in glitter and shadow, predatory and smiling. Written for queenbitchfest, inspired by "Ziggy Stardust". ["That was the American Idol, you idiot, not the twink of the day!"]
author:astolat  mistaken!identity  futurefic  ***  pairing:adam/kris  fandom:americanidol 
december 2009 by cepaea

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