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As the courts reject one anti-abortion bill MORE AND MORE keep coming!
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3 days ago by andriak
Mississippi's new fetal-heartbeat law bans most abortions at about 6 weeks - The Washington Post
"On Twitter, a reporter at the Jackson Free Press, a local magazine, took stock of the state’s standing with a handful of health statistics: Mississippi has among the highest rates of infant and child mortality, he noted, along with some of the worst clinical care for its youngest residents."
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3 days ago by conner
Louisiana’s Cancer Alley Communities at Risk | DeSmogBlog
More than 100 petrochemical facilities line a stretch of the Mississippi River between New Orleans and Baton Rouge, Louisiana, which is known to industry as the "Petrochemical Corridor" and to locals as “Cancer Alley.” This series documents the fenceline communities abutting this industrial activity and their efforts to push back against the companies they say are already polluting their air and water and which are often trying to expand further into these neighborhoods.
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11 days ago by josephaleo
RT : still leads the nation in deaths of Black infants - & deaths of Black women during/after labor.

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6 weeks ago by azadag
See the Mississippi River in its natural flow state
Starting around February 23, 2019 the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will begin the process of lowering the river’s water level by 13 feet.
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6 weeks ago by emkay
Jesmyn Ward, "Why I Decided to Return Home to the South," Time
I carry every slur, every slight, every violent malign within me; they have become a part of me, accreted in me year after year to settle in me and express themselves in my body: vascular inflammation, migraine headaches, diabetes, giving birth to both of my children prematurely.

But if we suffer from a particularly Southern strain of this illness, know this is an American disease.
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11 weeks ago by briansholis
My latest story is about a dad who lost two sons because of a rifle—one to prison and the other foreve…
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december 2018 by audrey

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