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Mail Tester
Test your newsletter against this site which rates its spam score. Each visit to the site generates a unique email address. Mail your newsletter to it, then click the image on the site to see your results.
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august 2019 by chrismyth
The Escapers - Whoosh
Whoosh makes it easy to send bulk email using Amazon's SES service. Choose from templates or send simple text emails. Import mailing lists as CSV.
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august 2019 by chrismyth
Send My Bag® Luggage Courier and Delivery Service
Send luggage and ship boxes. Yes, it’s not cheap, but superb solution for deploying to the field or getting equipment and consumables one way.
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july 2019 by chrismyth
Caitlin Lowery - I used to be a missionary.
Love First “missionary” work would be an almost entirely inverse approach to religious missionary work as we know it.

Imagine a Love First explorer (not a missionary), venturing out to other cultures and communities—not with the intent to preach or spread the message of Love First, but rather to “discover” the cultures of others and see what those cultures can bring into Love First. To absorb the best of their beliefs, their stories, rather than pushing Love First’s onto them.

Instead of bringing your message to others, you bring others’ message back to us. And invite them along to share their stories themselves, if they’d like (and are able to).
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november 2018 by KuraFire

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