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The Last Days of John Allen Chau | Outside Online
I can’t give you a better summery of this article than its own subhead: In the fall of 2018, the 26-year-old American missionary traveled to a remote speck of sand and jungle in the Indian Ocean, attempting to convert one of the planet’s last uncontacted tribes to Christianity. The islanders killed him, and Chau was pilloried around the world as a deluded Christian supremacist who deserved to die. Alex Perry pieces together the life and death of a young adventurer driven to extremes by unshakable faith. As ever, real life is more complex than the headlines.
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august 2019 by creature
The Americans in Shanghai: Journalist Edgar Snow’s Take on Western Imperialism in China (1930) — Shanghai sojourns
They really talk like that! Although he spoke like a caricature, he was obviously serious and I replied in the same spirit, confessing that my religious education had been neglected.
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january 2019 by yorksranter
Towards the Within - mormons pass by
I lived for a while in a communal household with a bunch of people who rescued animals, and for a while we had this incredibly sweet Burmese python named Dolores that we were caring for. She rebounded from neglect very quickly and was basically a joyful and energetic bundle of sunshine, but she’d had mites and they were hard to get rid of. Treatment includes coating the snake with olive oil and waiting an hour, which causes the mites to suffocate. Now, it’s not a good idea to put an eleven-foot long greased snake into a glass habitat, so the best bet was to hold her for the hour. This was a formidable task, as Dolores weighed almost seventy pounds, but as i am a robust and muscular individual i stripped down to my underpants, picked up Dolores, and went about my business in a very slippery and greasy way (i was test-fitting new fangs for halloween).

Which was when the mormons stopped by. My housemates had seen them from the front windows, which was why they insisted i answer the door. 

Me, befanged, mohawked, tattooed, pierced, greased, naked except for a ripped and sagging pair of drawers and an enthusiastic and friendly seventy-pound oily snake: hi!

Dolores, who was really having such an awesome day: new friends? yes? hello? you have treats?

Mormons: sorry wrong house. (they actually turned whiter i did not think that would have been possible)
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october 2018 by timberwolfoz
Peabody Essex Museum Gets Set of Native American Artifacts
A noted collection of more than 150 Native American artifacts, including wampum belts and finely beaded ceremonial garb, will stay – for now — where it has been housed for almost 70 years, at the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, Mass., officials announced Thursday.

The collection is owned by the Andover Newton Theological School, the country’s oldest seminary, but has long been housed at the museum.

The Native American items in question, mostly gathered in the 19th century by Christian missionaries, are part of a larger art collection numbering over 1,100 items that the seminary is now giving to the museum. The other items include 19th century photographs and embroidery from China

The school has been cited by federal regulators for failing to adequately follow a law designed to ensure the return of sacred and other special artifacts to Native American tribes.
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november 2017 by nynate17

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