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Interlude [tinx_r]
"Miss Fisher? From Australia? I don't believe we know her?" Harriet put up her brows at Bunter, then looked pointedly back at the novel in her hand.

The perfect servant emitted a quiet cough, and a slight frown was seen to cross his face. "Your ladyship -- "

"Um," said Peter, from the corner, going red and standing up. "Yes, don't you know. Thank you, my Bunter. That is, Harriet, if you'll come with me to the parlour, perhaps I can explain on the way."

"Oh," said Harriet, and put aside her novel. "Really, Peter!"
wimsey  missfisher  peter/harriet  PG  tinx_r  het 
11 weeks ago by pouncer
At the edge of the world [linaerys]
The wind on these high cliff tops blew so strongly that it took all of Jack’s concentration to keep the car on the road. There were no trees in the Orkney Islands, just hills and scrub, cliffs and sheep, peat bogs that look like grass but have infinite divots and cutouts to turn an ankle. Men have been cutting sod here since before anyone had heard of Australia, leaving longer, just the right size to hide a body, or two, or in this case Miss Fisher, and a murderer she had tied up with a length of twine.

“What would you have done if I hadn’t come along?” Jack asked her when they bundled the prisoner into the back of the car.
missfisher  jack/phryne  PG  linaerys  het  adventure  romance 
11 weeks ago by pouncer
A Series of Optical Illusions
This is bait, but the best bait is the truth; there is no lie in Jack's arm around her waist, in his fingers tangled through hers.

Miss Phryne Fisher sets a trap, throws a party, and reconciles her differences.
missfisher  phrynexjack  saucy 
august 2018 by misandrywitch
Like Comets
There's a 'verse to be saved, and who better to save it than the Honorable Miss Phryne Fisher.
fandom  fanfic  ao3  missfisher  firefly  crossover/fusion  phrynejack  het  humour 
august 2018 by jennayra
A Series of Optical Illusions - Fahye - Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries [Archive of Our Own]
This is bait, but the best bait is the truth; there is no lie in Jack's arm around her waist, in his fingers tangled through hers.

Miss Phryne Fisher sets a trap, throws a party, and reconciles her differences.
fic  missfisher  phryne/jack  5s 
april 2018 by sequat
The Flinders Street Gang - Signe (oxoniensis) - Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries [Archive of Our Own]
"Well, this is certainly a very interesting turn of affairs. Not in the least the way I'd imagined our first night together."
fic  missfisher  phryne/jack  kidnapping 
april 2018 by sequat
Let Yourself Go - YouTube
Crime fighting is the ultimate thrill. A 'Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries' fanvid.
vid  missfisher 
april 2018 by sequat
Locked Rooms - Lefaym - Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries [Archive of Our Own]
Kissing Jack had seemed perfectly reasonable at the time -- but now it has made Phryne's life rather more complicated. Can Dot, Hugh, and Aunt Prudence save the day?
fic  missfisher  phryne/jack 
april 2018 by sequat
Something Wild - ijemanja - Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries [Archive of Our Own]
Stranded for the night in the middle of winter, with Miss Fisher his only companion, what is an upstanding police inspector to do?
fic  missfisher  phryne/jack  cuddling.for.warmth  cabinfic 
april 2018 by sequat
Wonderfully Reckless - hyenateeth - Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries [Archive of Our Own]
“You need to be more careful,” he scolded, still holding her stocking-clad ankle in his hand.It wasn’ broken, luckily, but it did seem to be badly twisted. Phryne sat above him, perched on the edge of a writing desk, beaded cobalt gown draping over the edge. “And maybe wear more sensible shoes.”

“Oh Jack, don’t be silly; it’s a party. And besides, it wasn’t the shoe’s fault.”
fic  missfisher  phryne/jack  short 
april 2018 by sequat
New Mutiny - Lenore - Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries [Archive of Our Own]
Jack's always been a cautious man, preferring to part with information only when absolutely necessary. Telling unfamiliar people that he can't remember anything beyond a battlefield in France doesn't strike him as necessary, not when he's already begun to piece together the situation for himself. The war is over, and he's returned to his life as a police officer. Apparently whatever case he's working is not going particularly well.
fic  missfisher  phryne/jack  amnesia  casefic 
april 2018 by sequat
Dirty Faces
“Never slept on satin sheets before,” Bert murmured, brushing a kiss across her lips. “But I guess you ain’t planning on me gettin’ much sleep tonight.”

Phryne invites Bert to spend the night with her.
fic  missfisher  het  rating:nc-17 
april 2018 by krytella
Lucifers to Light
Bert intercepts Jack at the engagement party in "Murder in the Dark" before Phryne does.
fic  missfisher  slash  rating:nc-17  fuckbuddies 
april 2018 by krytella
She wasn’t the kind of woman to fall for a bloke like him. Bert knew that. He wasn’t bloody stupid, no matter what the boys might say about him when he’d had a few. Miss Fisher might have been born on his side of the tracks but she hadn’t stayed there. Didn’t mean that he couldn’t dream though, especially at the start.

Against all of his better judgment, Albert Johnson is in love.
fic  missfisher  het  unrequited  rating:pg-13  gen 
april 2018 by krytella
Well Kept
"Miss Fisher," Jack said, unable to force the words out past a hoarse whisper. He made the mistake of looking up, and Miss Fisher's unperturbed gaze pinned him like a rabbit under a hawk. "People are beginning to talk." "Oh really?" she said, pulling Jack's tie out of his collar in a slow slither. "What are they saying?" Jack couldn't look away. "That I'm a kept man."
rating:all  length:1001-5000  MissFisher  Jack/Phryne  kink:clothes 
january 2018 by sansets
A Series of Optical Illusions - Fahye - Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries [Archive of Our Own]
This is bait, but the best bait is the truth; there is no lie in Jack's arm around her waist, in his fingers tangled through hers.

Miss Phryne Fisher sets a trap, throws a party, and reconciles her differences.
december 2017 by bekkis
maryrobinette: A Study in Serpents -- Being a brief memoir of Lady Trent
In which Lady Trent finds herself consulting with Miss Fisher and Detective Inspector Jack Robinson about a murder involving a giant dragon claw.

This is short but deeply charming and heavy on the Bechdel passing, as one might expect from these canons.
fic  crossover  missfisher  ladytrent  au  casefile  gen  <5K  +2016-12 
may 2017 by spatz
oliviacirce: The Rescuers Down Under
It was Pat's fault that they were in Australia in the first place. She'd had that appalling letter from Daniel da Silva, detailing his adventures across Australia with Archie Curtis the previous year, and Pat had got that martial gleam in her eye that always made Fen go a bit weak in the knees, and said, "We can do better than that, can't we?" So here they were, in a country where gentlemen apparently dropped dead when you so much as tapped them with an umbrella. Fen was not impressed.
fic  crossover  thinkofengland  missfisher  slash  pat/fen  humor  postcanon  yuletide  outsiderpov  het  jack/phryne  friendship  <5K  +2017-01 
may 2017 by spatz
fighting vainly the old ennui - Fahye - Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries [Archive of Our Own]
(In which Inspector Jack Robinson is having a fairly uneventful year, divorce notwithstanding, until he acquires a lady doctor for a drinking buddy and receives a series of flirtatious notes from a jewel thief.)
february 2017 by bekkis

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