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The black feminists behind #YourSlipIsShowing, a campaign against Twitter trolls masquerading as women of color with the fake hashtag #EndFathersDay.
Exposing #EndFathersDay ultimately took the work of a group of black women who were determined not to let the ruse spiral, sensing just how poisonous this kind of trolling could be. And yet, in the years since, even as journalists have publicly asked themselves how they missed the rising threat posed by far-right extremists radicalized online, somehow one of the earliest crowdsourced anti-misinformation campaigns on the internet has been mostly ignored by the mainstream media. To I’N...
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R. Kelly and the Cost of Black Protectionism - The Atlantic
While Surviving convincingly argues that Kelly’s celebrity was a significant driving force in helping him establish a protected, predatory pattern, the docuseries picks at an uncomfortable truth that has long existed in the African American community. Black girls and women are often on their own in fighting abuse and misogynoir.

The African American community has struggled to deal with the abuse of black girls and women because addressing this widespread problem ultimately means singling out black men, which many are hesitant to do because they don’t want to become another vehicle that contributes to their destruction.

But a community conditioning itself to accept abuse out of racial solidarity is not only unacceptable, it’s also further jeopardizing the safety and well-being of black women and girls.
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Angry black women problem: Why the hell do TV producers think inside every white woman is a fierce black diva? - Telegraph
The sassy, loud, angry black woman stereotype isn’t just one dimensional; it strips us of our humanity. It doesn’t allow us to be vulnerable. It doesn’t allow us to be weak, or scared, or worthy of protection. The stereotypes lead to the justification of violence against us, because we deserve it somehow. Yet in 2014, it’s still one of the most pervasive representations of us you’ll see when you switch on your TV.
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Black women stay saving us when we don't deserve to be saved. And we *never* reciprocate.
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We need to talk about Diane Abbott. Now.
Diane Abbott is tougher than any one of you sitting here making your lame memes from behind anonymous screens. She is a titan. A pioneer.

 Diane Abbott is here for women, children, food bank users, nurses, students, mothers, disabled people, refugees, every single one of us.

 Diane is one of the very best members of Parliament you could EVER hope to have to stand up for you, and you have her, & you better hold her. Because if the Tories get back in tomorrow my god we are going to need Diane more than ever to stand up to their callous, brutal austerity.

If we have five more years of cuts and cruelty, we need five more years of one of its strongest opponents to face it down. We need Diane.
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Why Black Queer Men Must Fight Misogynoir
As men living in a world that really hates Black women, we have to show our love, not just tell it. We have to reduce the amount of emotional labor that we ask of the Black women in our lives. We need to stop regurgitating Black women’s words online and abusing Black women at home. We need to cite our sources, let go of our pride, and acknowledging the harm we have done to Black women. Let me say that again: we need to cite our sources. If Gloria Steinem can cite her sources years too late, I think we can cite ours in realtime.
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When black women must fight for all black lives against racism, and our own lives against .
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Relevant to , . Black women as actors serving as frame for white boy growth.
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Poet Porsha Olayiwola Heartbreakingly Reminds Everyone Black Women's Lives Matter
Sandra Bland. Rekia Boyd. Kayla Moore.

Their names belong on the same list as those of Michael Brown, Eric Garner and Tamir Rice — a register of black victims of lethal police brutality. Yet their names have hardly been as widely proliferated, or inspired as much outrage, as those of their male counterparts. It's a disparity poet Porsha Olayiwola scrutinized in a recent Button Poetry performance.

"Last night, no one showed up to march for Rekia Boyd," Olayiwola noted after the police officer who shot Boyd — 22 years old and unarmed — was found not guilty.

"I guess all the protestors got tied up," Olayiwola said. "I guess all the black folks were busy making signs saying 'Stop killing our black boys.'"
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Dr. Dre, the rapper turned Apple guru, wants you to forget about all the women he’s beaten up - Quartz
The term “misogynoir” was coined by queer black feminist Moya Bailey in order to describe how, in American pop culture, both race and gender have targeted black women for an especially virulent strain of hatred.
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