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First batch of Bay Area police misconduct personnel records released under new transparency law - Story | KTVU
Updated: Jan 21 2019 12:17PM PST

OAKLAND, Calif. (KTVU) - For the first time in California history, certain records involving police misconduct are now publicly available because of a new state law, and 2 Investigates is shining a light on the findings throughout the Bay Area.

“This is huge for California, which has been the least transparent of all the states,” said LaDoris Cordell, a retired Santa Clara County judge and San Jose Police Independent Police Auditor

In the first batch of public records released to date, 2 Investigates has found:
by Taboola
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-- The Mountain View Police Department had “no sustained investigations” of its police officers after reviewing personnel records dealing with sexual assault, dishonesty and use of force over the last five years.

-- The Berkeley Police Department also said it had no sustained findings. In addition, city officials said they didn't need to go back retroactively to release records but they were doing so in "good faith." This issue is under dispute with many open records activists including the ACLU.

-- The Vallejo Police Department also found no sustained findings of sexual assault or dishonest by officers in five years. In regards to use of force, police did release the name Officer Zach Jacobsen, who fatally shot 21-year-old Angel Ramos on Jan. 23, 2017. At the time, police said Ramos was allegedly holding a knife and attacking a 16-year-old. However, the department released only his name, saying they would need more time to fulfill the records request.

-- The Emeryville Police Department fired one officer for lying in that time period. And they released the names of the officers stemming from two-high profile shootings on Feb. 3, 2015 at Home Depot where two were injured and the Sept. 27, 2017 fatal shooting along Interstate Highway 80 of a San Leandro man who was wanted for the 2015 death of another man in Fairfield. Full reports on these cases likely won’t be ready until March.
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San Bernardino will pay $390k to settle suit against cop who arrested 7th graders "to prove a point" / Boing Boing
The county of San Bernardino appealed.

They lost. (9th Circuit Court of Appeals: "Deputy Ortiz faced a room of seven seated, mostly quiet middle school girls, and only generalized allegations of fighting and conflict amongst them. Even accounting for what Deputy Ortiz perceived to be nonresponsiveness to his questioning, the full-scale arrests of all seven students, without further inquiry, was both excessively intrusive in light of the girls’ young ages and not reasonably related to the school’s expressed need.")

Rather than ask the Supreme Court to hear the case, the county has now settled with the children, and will pay $390,000 in compensation to them. As Tim Cushing notes: "The county's decision to fight the district court's ruling doesn't reflect well on it or its legal representation. Somehow the county thought that if it just litigated hard enough, it would somehow talk a court into agreeing law enforcement can arrest people just to 'teach them a lesson' -- even when those 'someones' were teens who committed no crime and posed no safety threat to the school or the idiotic law enforcement officer it had hired."

County Agrees To Pay $390,000 To Students Arrested By A Sheriff 'Just To Prove A Point'
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