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Atlassian introduces "Smart Mirroring" to accelerate Git transactions in Bitbucket - TechRepublic
A new caching system in Bitbucket increases performance of Git, decreasing the clone time of large repositories to a few minutes, easing the development workflow for geographically distributed teams.
bitbucket  lfs  mirroring 
january 2016 by vonc
Distributed teams can now build faster with Bitbucket | Bitbucket Blog
Build faster with Bitbucket using Smart Mirroring, Git LFS support, and Projects now available in Bitbucket Cloud, Server and Data Center
git  bitbucket  lfs  projects  mirroring 
january 2016 by vonc
Annotate | Mobile Interactive Whiteboard, Student Response System
Whiteboard site with education pricing, includes an assessment componet
ipad  apps  mirroring  assessment  clickers  whiteboard 
october 2015 by amann
Vysor extension for Chrome
Allows full screen mirroring and interaction of an Android phone with developer USB Debugging
android  usb  debugging  screen  mirroring 
august 2015 by aggregat4
git-mirror is designed to create and serve read-only mirrors of your Git repositories locally or wherever you choose. A recent GitHub outage reinforces the fact that developers shouldn't be relying on a single remote for hosting code.

A major design goal of git-mirror is that it should just work with as little configuration as possible.
git  mirrors  mirror  mirroring  readonly  repository  hosting  server  go  golang 
may 2015 by vonc
Use AirPlay to wirelessly stream content from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch - Apple Support
With AirPlay, you can stream music, photos, and videos to your Apple TV, or stream music to your AirPort Express or AirPlay-enabled speakers. And with AirPlay Mirroring, you can display your iOS screen on your Apple TV.
airplay  kbase  apple  support  reference  howto  iOS  osx  mirroring  display  monitor  appletv 
march 2015 by ferdinandfuchs

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