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‘The Tories are institutionally Islamophobic’: Miqdaad Versi takes on MPs and the media
Versi is quick to praise New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern. “The response of New Zealand is the benchmark of what you should be doing in a situation like this. The care, the empathy, the words.” And, being unwaveringly fair, he points out any British government minister he believes responded admirably. “James Brokenshire, the communities secretary, was very good. He visited a mosque the same day, used terms like Jumu’ah, Friday prayers – you don’t have to do that, but it’s nice. All of that was good.”

But he has been horrified by some of the reporting in the British press of Christchurch that showed photographs of a blond child and asked how an “angelic boy” could turn into a killer. “Why are you not calling him a terrorist, why are you calling the guy who did this angelic? The attempts to humanise somebody who had committed such an atrocity seemed very unusual.”

He was equally appalled by a BBC News presenter suggesting to a Muslim commentator that anti-Muslim violence had become normalised because the mainstream Muslim community had not done enough to condemn Islamist extremism. “I looked at it and went: what! This was totally inappropriate. I was like, right now, how can you be doing this? There’s a justification element to it – because you’re bad, this is why it’s happening to you, and because you’re not apologising and recognising you’re different, that’s why it’s happening to you. I don’t think the presenter understood he had said anything wrong.”
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