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Can Deltek be the Easy Button for Project-Based Business?
"We asked our 2018 survey participants to assess the level of risk their industries faced in terms of the potential for disruption (Figure 1). While all but 10% acknowledged some level of risk, the majority (84%) feel the risk is low to medium rather than high or imminent. Yet we feel compelled to ask the question: How do you think the taxi industry would have answered this question on the eve of the launch of Uber? Do you think the hotel industry anticipated Airbnb? Did Block Buster foresee the devastating impact Netflix would have on its business?"
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14 days ago by jonerp
Lamb Tagine Recipe - NYT Cooking
Really nice but very rich. You subbed water for stock, harissa for t paste, more turmeric for saffron, mint for parsley and cilantro, and pine nuts for almonds. Leave scallions off next time. Maybe consider some p lemon.
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27 days ago by amsone
RT : (or our generic distributed ) now has the capability to create, manage & track…
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8 weeks ago by roderik

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