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Rescued foxes find refuge at Save a Fox in Minnesota
At Save a Fox sanctuary in Minnesota, fur farm rejects and exotic pet cast-offs find a new home.
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4 days ago by gdw
Anderson Center at Tower View, Red Wing, Minnesota
The Anderson Center at Tower View serves writers, poets, visual artists, sculptors, composers, dancers, archaeologists, anthropologists, scholars, and others. The interdisciplinary nature of the Center inspires creative dialogue among the disciplines and places the Center at the forefront of thoughtful exchange. In addition to 20 on-site artist studios, the Center offers a black-and-white equipped dark room, an outdoor kiln, glass blowing studio, blacksmith shop, printmaking facilities, and a press-in-residence. The Anderson Center provides retreats of two to four weeks duration from May through October.
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14 days ago by risdgrants
Green Energy Products - Green Energy Products, LLC | Customized Renewable Energy Solutions
Green Energy Products provides custom energy systems featuring SunPower
solar system.
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28 days ago by wmaceyka

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