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Bitmain: IPO and Technical Challenges – THE LION'S DEN
During the market’s best two years, Bitmain did not roll out any new chips or new mining machines to update its core Bitcoin mining product line, which can be fatal for a chip company in this fast-growing industry. Read this deep dive into Bitmain's checkered past and future prospects.
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5 days ago by twleung
Diamond market warming to lab-made gems |
Diamond market warming to lab-made gems via CeciliaJamasmie
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10 days ago by rhyndes
Barrick to buy Randgold for $18.3B forming giant global gold miner |
Barrick to buy Randgold for $18.3B forming giant global miner via CeciliaJamasmie
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21 days ago by rhyndes
That was the week that was… Your weekly market wrap (17-21 September)
Excitement returned to the ASX this week with news of share buy backs in the sector, writes Dale Gillham.
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22 days ago by rhyndes

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