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Kaz Minerals surprises market with dividend, Russian copper project buy |
Kaz Minerals surprises market with dividend, Russian project buy via CeciliaJamasmie
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4 days ago by rhyndes
Standard Lithium tries new approach to speed up production in Arkansas |
Standard Lithium tries new approach to speed up production in Arkansas via CeciliaJamasmie
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4 days ago by rhyndes
US to roll plans allowing mining on land removed from monuments |
US to roll plans allowing on land removed from monuments via CeciliaJamasmie
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4 days ago by rhyndes
Gold Fields boss says South Deep lay-offs are ‘last-gasp measure’ |
Gold Fields defends lay-offs at South Deep mine as 'do or die' move via CeciliaJamasmie
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5 days ago by rhyndes
New article by Maija Lassila:
Mapping in a living land: in Ohcejohka,…
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11 days ago by hwileniu
MineSense – Smart Mining Solutions
MineSense, a British Columbia-based company recently named to the Global Cleantech 100, is a pioneer in digital mining solutions, providing real-time, sensor-based ore sorting for large-scale mines. 
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11 days ago by shalmaneser
DIY Raspberry Pi Cryptocurrency Node
Tutorials for installing cryptocurrency nodes on a Raspberry Pi
Participate in the Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Ethereum network
Full nodes, SPV wallets, cold storage, offline transaction signing
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13 days ago by arakno
The Geographical Journal - Wiley Online Library
This paper examines the relationship between mining, memory and environmental suffering on the Bolivian Altiplano (Andean plateau). Mining activity has had a long and well documented role in transforming landscapes throughout the Andean region, and Bolivia provides some of South America's starkest examples of mine‐related water and soil contamination. In Bolivia, mining is publicly memorialised as central to the collective national experience, and public murals and monuments help construct a national identity as a país minero (mining country). Memory is similarly important, though less public, for populations impacted by mine‐related pollution and their demands for remediation and reparation. In discussing these conditions, residents of the region draw on memories of past landscapes and waterscapes, which they often represent as verdant and bountiful. Such memory narratives are less important for what they tell us about the former landscapes – which were likely less pristine than reported – than what they tell us about contemporary conditions. Drawing on ethnographic research, I argue that memory – as represented in stories told about past experience – necessarily requires selective remembering and selective forgetting, and may function as a political and ideological resource in its own right. In this sense, memory can be mobilised in various forms and at a range of scales, from the individual to the national. As a representation of the past, memory is always also a representation of the present, and a reflection of contemporary realities, which in turn informs political demands. The paper ends by considering the potential and limitations of memory as a conceptual tool for envisioning environmentally just futures.
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13 days ago by Rex

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