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Tinnie 10 Vessel – Minimalissimo
Award winning and globally acclaimed designer, Joey Ruiter pushes through the boundaries of the norm and finds new ways to solve problems which leads ...
minimal  design 
yesterday by wuming10
choojs/choo: - sturdy 4kb frontend framework
GitHub is where people build software. More than 27 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 80 million projects.
vanilla  javascript  web  framework  minimal  isomorphic  nodejs  browserify 
8 days ago by orlin
"LOT is a subscription-based service which distributes a basic set of clothing, footwear, essential self-care products, accessories, and media content. The clothes are dispensable: as they wear out they can be bundled and returned, eliminating clutter."
design  subscription  jonkylemohr  clothing  minimal 
18 days ago by gohai
The Compact Calendar | Dave Seah
Compact Calendar: One Page years calendar for planning
tools  calendar  onepage  minimal  simple 
18 days ago by genome
klembot/snowman: A minimal Twine 2 story format designed for people who already know JavaScript and CSS
Snowman is a minimal Twine 2 story format designed for people who already know JavaScript and CSS. It's designed to implement basic functionality for playing Twine stories and then get out of your way.
twine  snowman  storyformat  minimal  documentation 
25 days ago by eugenexxv
The Light Phone
Light is a slim, credit card-sized phone designed to be used as little as
possible. Light is your phone away from phone.
mobile  phone  minimal 
25 days ago by mamuso
Ōryōki [応量器] is an experimental web browser with a thin interface.
minimal  browser  app  mac 
27 days ago by obear

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