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15 Things You Should Know About The Ottoman Janissaries
Let us take a gander fifteen facts you should about the Ottoman Janissaries -the precursor to Eurasia’s first modern standing army.
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yesterday by beanish
MorezMore: Humanly Posable Armatures
Welcome to the Morezmore Studio. My name is Natasha. I am a puppet-maker and Morezmore Store keeper. This blog is about making puppets and OOAK (One of a Kind) art dolls. I love making them and share my notes – my successes as well as my failures – here, on this blog. Although some people refer to them as Morezmore tutorials, I myself see them as Work-in-Progress Notes, One of a Kind adventures with unpredictable results.

Almost all materials and tools that I use are available for purchase at Morezmore Store.
Morezmore is a family business, run by 3 women – mother Natasha (me), daughter Natasha and grandmother Nina. We sell stuff for making OOAK dolls, stop motion puppet and props fabrication, tools and materials. Check us out.
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22 days ago by Miscella

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