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My "Anglo-Saxon Chronicle" Cavalry
I have been very slow to take pictures of my Anglo-Saxon project, I'm usually taking pictures of commissions as my priority. I have painted quite a number of figures for this project over the last couple of years - very slow progress though. These pictures are of figures that I completed in the last month or so. I have used an unconverted GW metal Eowyn miniature - with feet pinned into a piece of rock (bark), and a Saxon Miniatures figure with a Little Big Men Studios banner & shield decal for the command base. The other figure is a converted metal GW Rohan Royal Guard miniature, which has had a new shield (LBMS decal), a redesigned helmet, a shortened cloak & hauberk, cloth bindings sculpted onto lower legs, and hair sculpted out the back of the helmet. I'm pleased with how they all turned out, and really took my time to get a colour scheme & details that I was happy with.
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14 days ago by since1968
Where the Captain and Admiral lead, others will follow... (Now painted - 16/10)
I've taken immense inspiration from the conversions that Captain Blood and admiral Benbow have shown on this forum to the Perrys plastic 1450-1500 figures.
So I've had a bash at creating a falling man at arms for my next unit of Burgundian men at arms who are charging to contact.

Some major cutting, hacking and filling here  to both horse and rider - and I wasn't too sure how it would turn out - but am happy with the result.
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19 days ago by since1968

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