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RT : の明日の新しいマイクラは、「アップデート」ではありません。「別のソフト」として配信されます。従来版を明日の午後3時頃以降に起動すれば、メッセージが表示され、eShopから新しい「
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2 days ago by ltd
RT : Reinforcement learning with and the Malmo Project. Don’t try to swim in lava Cristina! Very interesting…
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4 days ago by codepo8
minecraft . spielstand auf anderem pc weiterspielen? (speichern)
Desktop --> START --> Suche --> %appdata% --> Roaming --> .minecraft --> saves --> [Welt name] Diesen Ordner kopierste dir einfach auf 'nen USB Stick oder sowas und packst ihn dann am Laptop an genau die gleiche Stelle
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12 days ago by matthiasp
Practical Skills: Simple Efficient Tree Farm (13:41)
slightly more complicated - let's try it without the leaf smashers
16 days ago by whylom
Roblox follows Minecraft into the education market | Hacker News
Roblox also has IMO some dark UI patterns intended to make kids buy things in the game. Minecraft is a much healthier game.
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18 days ago by fjordaan

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