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String Theory, A Concerto for Violin in D Minor
Both of them are trapped in their own way; which is how they recognize it in each other.
fanfic  sga  slash  romance  nc-17  mcshep  mckay  long  sheppard  toft_froggy  au  conductorrodney  injuredrodney  violinjohn  teyla  zelenka  wier  mindhurt  fic 
august 2008 by Shamil62
Sheppard, McKay, gen. Gorgeous. Memory, identity, and how they meld.
fanfic  wintertime  sga  fic  gen  hurt/comfort  memories  mckay  ancientdevice  medium  sheppard  ronon  teyla  injuredrodney  mindhurt  zelenka  wier  pg13 
august 2008 by Shamil62
Post-Siege II, written after season one. Rodney and Zelenka come down from a speed trip and fall to pieces. If ever a story was beautiful and brutal, this is the one, as they slowly pull themsevles back together, via tongue depressors and sheer will.
fanfic  janestclair  zelenka  sga  fic  slash  mckay/zelenka  drugs  short  r  mckay  mindhurt  postseige  firstseason 
august 2008 by Shamil62

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ancientdevice  au  conductorrodney  drugs  fanfic  fic  firstseason  gen  hurt/comfort  injuredrodney  janestclair  long  mckay/zelenka  mckay  mcshep  medium  memories  nc-17  pg13  postseige  r  romance  ronon  sga  sheppard  short  slash  teyla  toft_froggy  violinjohn  wier  wintertime  zelenka 

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