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Jetzt fordert einen i. H. v. 14€, und das nur sechs Jahre später.

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10 days ago by springfeld
Es muss Schluss sein mit dem Lohndumping! Deshalb wollen wir einen europäischen einführen, der 60 % de…
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10 weeks ago by Vlachbild
Denselben Verlagen wurde von der weitreichende Ausnahmen vom zugebilligt, die aus dem keinen al…
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march 2019 by springfeld
RT : Die hat gefragt, wie ein aussehen müsste, damit man nach 45 Arbeitsjahren nicht in Grun…
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november 2018 by bjoerngrau
RT : Der will heute mit 6000 Fahndern gegen Betriebe vorgehen die keinen zahlen. Gute Sache ! Noch be…
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september 2018 by diaeter
National minimum wage rise still fails to cover living costs, study shows | Society | The Guardian
Workers on the national minimum wage would still need to work for an extra six weeks just to cover their everyday living costs, despite an inflation-beating pay rise from this weekend, according to analysis.

More than 2 million workers are to receive a pay rise of at least 4.4% from Sunday, as the government’s national living wage increases to £7.83 per hour from £7.50 for over-25s. The increase amounts to more than £600 per year for full-time workers on basic pay.
minimum  wage  Precariat  working  poor  poverty  trap  UK  Mindestlohn  Aufsticker  Hartz-IV 
march 2018 by asterisk2a
Uber loses court appeal against drivers' rights - BBC News
[ ANOTHER COURT IN UK SAID, UBER DRIVERS ARE EMPLOYEES.] Uber said there were two further possible stages in the appeal process - the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court. &! Deliveroo - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-41983343 - But the CAC found they were self-employed because of their freedom to "substitute" - allowing other riders to take their place on a job. &! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-41980922 - Handy gig cleaning app. and its policy acts causes social media row.
UK  Uber  Platform  1099  Self-Employment  gig  Economy  on-demand  working  poor  poverty  insecurity  Precariat  minimumwage  Mindestlohn  TaskRabbit  neoliberal  Exploitation  workers  rights  trade  union  neoliberalism  Capitalism  profit  maximisation  PAYE  NI  taxation  pension  scheme  bailout  welfare  state  recovery  Technology  totalitarianism  technocracy  Super  Rich  1%  Plutocracy  Oligarchy  evasion  avoidance  tax  employment  law  Deliveroo 
november 2017 by asterisk2a
Linken-Wahlkampf: Wagenknechts Attacke auf Rot-Rot-Grün | ZEIT ONLINE
Ein Fünftel der Menschen arbeite im Niedriglohnsektor, Millionen Rentner seien von Armut bedroht, rechnet Wagenknecht vor und zitiert Wirtschaftsforscher, denen zufolge 40 Prozent der Erwerbstätigen heute weniger als Ende der 1990er Jahre verdienen würden. "Das ist doch ein Armutszeugnis für die ganze Politik", sagt die Spitzenkandidatin. Wenn Kanzlerin Angela Merkel (CDU) behaupte, Deutschland gehe es gut, kenne sie die Lebensrealität nicht.
BTW2017  Die  Linke  Germany  Precariat  working  poor  minimum  wage  Mindestlohn  inflation  living  standard  disposable  income  discretionary  spending  Agenda2010  neoliberal  neoliberalism  Leiharbeit  Zeitarbeit  zero  hour  contract  ZHC  poverty  trap  Kinderarmut  Altersarmut  Angela  Merkel  GroKo 
june 2017 by asterisk2a
EU challenges Austrian minimum wage law for truck drivers | Reuters
The EU launched a legal challenge on Thursday against an Austrian law that requires foreign drivers to be paid Austria's minimum wage when making deliveries in the country, in a case that highlights strains between affluent western Europe and the poorer east.

The European Commission has already launched legal challenges against similar French and German minimum wage laws, saying they hamper the functioning of the EU's internal market and the freedom to provide services.
mindestlohn  social_policy 
may 2017 by henningninneh
Record 910,000 UK workers on zero-hours contracts | Business | The Guardian
Nearly 1m people on controversial terms but growth slowdown points to ‘zero-hours juggernaut’ grinding to a halt, say experts
zero  hour  contract  gig  economy  HMRC  DWP  tax  credit  taxcredit  minimum  wage  Mindestlohn  national  insurance  productivity  service  sector  UK  Germany  NI  underemployed  Self-Employment  part-time  Universal 
march 2017 by asterisk2a
Booming gig economy costs £4bn in lost tax and benefit payouts, says TUC | Business | The Guardian
Study shows low-paid self-employment and zero-hours contracts costing exchequer £75m a week – a quarter of England’s weekly social care budget [...] Their relatively low earnings also make them more likely to need to rely on in-work benefits such as tax credits and housing benefit, the TUC said. [...] “The huge rise in insecure work isn’t just bad for workers. It’s punching a massive hole in the public finances too,” said TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady.
HMRC  Treasury  Whitehall  Westminster  Lobby  Consultant  zero  hour  contract  Self-Employment  gig  economy  welfare  state  Governance  Government  Precariat  working  poor  Poverty  part-time  minimum  wage  minimumwage  mindestlohn  Zeitarbeit  Leiharbeit  LHA  DWP  George  Osborne  Philip  Hammond  Iain  Duncan  Smith  housing  benefit  tax  credit  child  taxcredit  Austerity  secular  stagnation  crony  capitalism  bailout  corporatism  neoliberalism  exploitation  profit  maximisation 
february 2017 by asterisk2a
Wir Sklavenhalter – Ausbeutung in Deutschland | Das Erste - YouTube
missstranede in fleisch und agrar industrie! via werkvertrag. east-europeans. BBC exposed exploitation on UK Apple Farms. Apples in ASDA Tesco and Co. // fearful bc their only chance to feed their families. // cheapest place to produce meat. // 'we are human robots.' // arbeitsmigranten = arbeiten bis zum umfallen. // Ausbeutung - mit falschen versprechen gelockt nach Deutschland. // geisterarmee - eigentum anderer menschen // Moderne Sklaven, fesseln sind im inneren.
Wertegesellschaft  society  Zivilgesellschaft  Gesellschaft  Menschenhandel  human  trafficking  Brexit  UK  France  Germany  low-wage  working  poor  exploitation  Werkvertrag  teilzeit  part-time  mindestlohn  minimum  wage  Precariat  Precarious  Amazon  food  industry  meat  industrial-complex  contractor  Slavery  Leiharbeit  Prostitution  sex  work  worker 
december 2016 by asterisk2a
Armutsfalle Teilzeitjob – vor allem für Frauen | FAKT | Das Erste - YouTube
zzt muss man 45 jahre vollzeit mit mindestens +11 euro die stunde arbeit. um nicht im alter in die sozialfalle zu fallen. altersarmut. altersgrundsichrung = hartz-iv im alter.
gender  pay  gap  working  poor  Poverty  teilzeit  part-time  minijob  Precariat  Precarious  altersarmut  pension  minimum  wage  mindestlohn  Germany  Liberal  Economic  reform  Austerity  UK  USA  squeezed  growth  income  downward  mobility  social  hartz-IV  ALG2 
december 2016 by asterisk2a
Up to 70% of people in developed countries 'have seen incomes stagnate' | Business | The Guardian
Research by the McKinsey Global Institute found that between 65% and 70% of people in 25 advanced countries saw no increase in their earnings between 2005 and 2014. The report found there had been a dramatic increase in the number of households affected by flat or falling incomes and that today’s younger generation was at risk of ending up poorer than their parents. Only 2% of households, 10 million people, lived through the period from 1993 to 2005 – a time of strong growth and falling unemployment – without seeing their incomes rise.
western  world  squeezed  middle  class  working  poor  Precariat  wage  growth  income  growth  income  distribution  inequality  Gini  coefficient  poverty  child  poverty  developed  world  recovery  GFC  austerity  secular  stagnation  wage  stagnation  wage  deflation  minimum  wage  minimumwage  mindestlohn  capitalism  capitalism  in  crisis  technological  unemployment  economic  history  OECD  IMF  Brexit  AfD  far  right  right-wing  far-right  income  inequality  income  mobility  social  mobility  income  redistribution  tax  avoidance  tax  evasion  neoliberal  neoliberalism  aggregate  demand  short-fall  aggregate  demand  Front  National  triple-lock  pension  UK  Germany  USA  France  shareholder  capitalism  winner  take  all  globalisation  globalization  profit  maximisation  profit  maximization  dividends  CEO  pay  career  ladder  Politicians  career  politician  No  Representation  Protest  Vote 
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