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Milly - Pompeii (VID)
"In the face of overwhelming odds, I'm left with only one option, I'm gonna have to science the shit out of this."

**||** [2:45 minutes]

I damn near started crying. It's perfect.
themartian  milly  vids  ohmyheart  via:blueMeridian 
september 2016 by goodgriefcharlie
[vid] Sabotage by milly
Misfits. Song: "Sabotage" by Beastie Boys. The Nikki section is especially dope.
misfits  milly  vid 
august 2011 by gigantic
Avaaz - 48 hours to stop Murdoch's UK media takeover
Write to Hunt and Cameron @Number10gov to stop #Murdoch's #media takeover! #hacking #notw #milly
media  Murdoch's  hacking  milly  notw 
july 2011 by philipjohn
Avaaz - 3 days to stop Murdoch's media takeover
Write to Hunt and Cameron to to stop #Murdoch's #media takeover! Consultation ends Friday. Pls RT. #hacking #notw #milly
media  Murdoch's  hacking  milly  tweets  notw 
july 2011 by dherron
Avaaz - Jeremy Hunt: stop Rupert Murdoch's power grab
Stop the takeover! We just have a few days! Send a message to Jeremy Hunt now Pls RT
Murdoch  media  milly  notw  hacking  from twitter
july 2011 by crissxross
Perkins - Timliness smliness
A handful of belated Festivids recs

Bop-Radar's Vampire Diaries vid Vicky-centric (with bonus iliac crest dancing)

Greensilver's White-Collar vid Ot3, set to Elvis Costello's version of Let's misbehave

millylicious' SYTYCD vid Clips from all the US seasons, plus S1 and S2 of SYTYCD Canada.

Renenet's Leverage vid

Karita Wyr's Galaxy Quest vid

Sisabet's Facts of Life vid Jo/Blair, and FUN!

Millylicious' Chuck vid Gorgeous Chuck/Sarah vid

Not just one but TWO awesome China Beach vids by fan_eunice

Greensilver's Big Bang Theory Vid The Geeks get the girls "
vidrec1  recby:la_perkins  bop_radar  vampirediaries  greensilver  whitecollar  milly  sytycd  renenet  leverage  karitawyr  movie  sisabet  factsoflife  chuck  chinabeach  fan_eunice  bigbangtheory  festivids 
february 2010 by veni_vidi_vids
charmax | More festivids!
Here It Goes Back Again - Back to the Future trilogy (Movie) made by thingswithwings. Of Monsters and Heroes and Men - Gladiator (Movie) made by such_heights. Feel It - So You Think You Can Dance (TV) made by millylicious. Mother Mary - China Beach (TV) made by fan_eunice. Radar - Die Hard (Movie) made by greensilver. Let's Misbehave - White Collar (TV) - made by greensilver. thuviaptarth was the person that made me Etheric Messages the Fringe vid. I am very, very lucky!! :D"
vidrec1  feb2010  recby:charmax  movie  thingswithwings  such_heights  milly  sytycd  fan_eunice  chinabeach  greensilver  whitecollar  thuviaptarth  fringe 
february 2010 by veni_vidi_vids
charmax: More festivids!
"Some more amazing [community profile] festivids vids that I never rec'd before. All of them are genius in one way or another.

Here It Goes Back Again - Back to the Future trilogy (Movie) made by [personal profile] thingswithwings.
Of Monsters and Heroes and Men - Gladiator (Movie) made by [personal profile] such_heights
Feel It - So You Think You Can Dance (TV) made by [profile] millylicious
Mother Mary - China Beach (TV) made by [personal profile] fan_eunice
Radar - Die Hard (Movie) made by [personal profile] greensilver
Let's Misbehave - White Collar (TV) - made by [personal profile] greensilver
vidrec1  recby:charmax  movie  thingswithwings  such_heights  milly  sytycd  chinabeach  fan_eunice  greensilver  whitecollar  feb2010 
february 2010 by veni_vidi_vids

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