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The Exhausting Minimalism of "Tidying Up" | The New Republic
It turns out that the firehouse was the first African-American firehouse in the city, opened because black firemen were having trouble getting promoted by racist white officers. Instead of, say, turning some part of it into a public space, Gorder fetishizes its heritage with bunk beds made of fire-poles and a vintage photo mural of the garage in its active days. “Now you can sleep in a piece of history!” Thus authenticity is commodified as #DCfirehouse4, $850 a night. Also not mentioned is the threat of gentrification that families of wealthy tourists pose to the historically African-American neighborhood. 
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mining | Viktor Mácha - industrial photography
I’ve devoted the past ten years to creating a photographic record of the world's steel industry, visiting more than 250 steel mills and foundries worldwide. These are part of my ongoing non-profit project to show my fascination with the beauty and tradition of the world's iron & steel industry and the process of steel making.
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Wool Processing The Natural Fibre Company
scour, card, dye and woollen and worsted spin
Wool  Mills 
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Modern Travel Rug, $88 By Pendleton Woolen Mills. Several Styles Available (this One Is… HD | Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac Android
Travel rug, $88 by Pendleton Woolen Mills. Several styles available (this one is… Travel rug, $88 by Pendleton Woolen Mills. Several styles available (this one is "Charcoal Stewart") Travel rug, $88 by Pendleton Woolen Mills. Several styles available (this one is…
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