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(1) Lena Elkins - I've never told anyone this before, but......
1. As millennial entrepreneurs get better and move up, the work deepens. You become much more aware of your clients' needs, you raise your expectations for yourself, and you make the stakes a little bit higher. You start hiring some team members. Investing in coaches and mentors. Renting an office space. And then, for 90%...there's a crash. A lot of people can't handle the responsibility and weight that they've created. And simply out of overwhelm and pressure, they quit. But those who surpass their wildest dreams and continue to build scalable businesses are those who view that pressure as a catalyst for transformation. If you want to win in business not just this year, but over the next 20, learn to sit in the discomfort and trust that you can handle it. Because you can. 💪

2. If you want to see consistent growth in your business, you should always have 3-5 upcoming milestones to look forward to. Right now, I'm writing my book proposal, getting ready to go on TV in the States, and getting ready to speak in Bali. Having in-reach goals is essential to staying motivated and focused. So if you don't know what your next steps should be or what milestones you should be hitting, get a coach and get clear on your success roadmap. Otherwise, you'll lose sight of what you're aiming for and land nowhere.

3. A very small percentage of people pursue entrepreneurship, and an even smaller percentage choose to do transformational client-based work like coaching and consulting. That means that out of billions of people, you were born with a unique spark that drives you to do something extraordinary. Don't suppress that feeling - own it, love it, appreciate it, and act on it. The sooner you can harness and strengthen your god-given gifts, the sooner you can serve others and get paid top dollar for it. Not everyone was born with that spark, but you were. Now do something about it.
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2 days ago by lwhlihu
Weekend edition—Life after Lehman, fashion’s new look, inside Alexa – Quartz Daily Brief — Quartz
Since the financial crisis, there has been a drop-off in self-employment among 20- and 30-somethings.

Children of the Great Depression were wary of the stock market for their entire lives. The same seems true for millennials, at least so far. The data show that they choose to put less of their money into stocks than previous generations—much less.
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2 days ago by davesurgan
What are you organizing? | Seth's Blog
But now, now there’s a third kind of organization going on, one that’s even more leveraged, because it isn’t easily replaced: Organizing an audience.

How do we find the right people on the right day in a way that creates value for them and for us? How do we deliver the right service to the right audience in the right way? The rising stars of our economy are in this business now, even more than production or finance.

If you’re seeking to build awareness, consider building a community instead.

If you’re working to sell your average stuff to average people (and working overtime to make it cheaper or faster), consider an alternative: serving the most dedicated people with something remarkable.
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6 days ago by lwhlihu
Junto a reflexionando sobre ciudadanía digital y adelantando el estudio sobre que estamos real…
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8 days ago by deckard67
Washington Monthly | The Socialist Network
here’s no denying that much of what today’s socialists are demanding fits within the liberal tradition of a Ted Kennedy or Paul Wellstone. Advocating something like single-payer health care, but calling yourself a socialist, can look like mere positioning. In fact, the socialist writers I spoke with didn’t really have a problem with that. “Part of it is just a rhetorical claim,” said Ryan Cooper, an opinion writer at the Week who identifies as a democratic socialist. He said that the core aspects of his political agenda are creating a “complete welfare state” and reducing inequality by democratizing ownership of capital. Why use a term as loaded as socialism to describe those ideals? “The point is to say, ‘Here’s a left,’ in a way that just could not possibly be co-opted by Andrew Cuomo types.”
Socialism  millenials  WashingtonMonthly 
10 days ago by HispanicPundit
This Is a Generic Millennial Ad - YouTube
This Is a Generic Millennial Ad, created with And/Or studio, shows how easy it is to appeal to anyone born between 1980 and 2000. The good news? Thanks to social media, it's easy to connect with this influential audience. The bad news? They hate spending money on things. (Except for maybe avocados.)
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17 days ago by kogakure
Srinivas Rao - WHEN WE’RE ALONE TOGETHER Technology has isolated...
In my new book, one of the things that I wrote about was the importance of community. A facebook group is not a viable substitute for meeting friends for dinner. If most of us were to do an assessment of our lives, I think we’d be somewhat horrified by the ratio of in-person vs digital communication with each other. However it happens, I believe that we need more time with each other in person. In fact, that’s probablythe thing I’m looking forward to most with this upcoming booking launch.

When we’re alone together, despite the illusion of being connected to thousands of friends and fans, we are actually just alone. I’m wondering if I’m the only who is feeling this way.

For most of this year, the weekends I’ve looked forward to the most were the ones when I knew I wouldn’t be in town. It meant I’d get to see some of the friends I’m closest to in person, people like Gareth Pronovost and Joseph Logan. Many of my closest friends don’t live close by or are in relationships. So I don’t see them as often as i’d like to.

You also never want anybody you’re dating to know that you’ve been feeling this way because it appears needy.

When a girl I was dating for a couple months asked how I spent the rest of the weekend, I told her that I’d actually just stayed at home and relaxed. We don’t go out when it rains here in Southern California. The following week things ended between us. And there was a part of me that couldn’t shake the feeling of “I wonder if she ended things because I didn’t have any other plans this weekend.”

Fortunately, my friend Matthew Cooke has been coming by to play for NBA 2k15 tournaments, which I’ve yet to win. But it’s been one of the best parts of the week.
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10 weeks ago by lwhlihu
Srinivas Rao - It’s possible you read that headline and had a WTF...
Social media amplifies this by ranking us according to fan and follower counts. If someone posts a picture on Instagram, we can easily see how many people respond and how we line up in comparison. For many young people, this isn’t just an indication of their status, but a measure of their self-worth.

When I met one of our listeners last summer, she told me a story about one of her tutoring clients who came to her in tears. She was distraught because her friend had posted a picture of the two of them on Facebook that got 100 likes and she only got 2 likes for posting the same picture.

If there’s one pattern that shows up over and over in the people that I interview, it’s an internal shift of some sort. It’s decision to love themselves like their lives depended on it and realized that the most important relationship they’ll ever have is the one they have with themselves.
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11 weeks ago by lwhlihu
They Want New Blood | Nathan Taylor Pemberton
, “Congress could probably use a few more empaths.”...Patel’s operation, it has been noted, is the Casper of congressional campaigns. It speaks the language of enlightened global design, in other words, relying on sans-serif fonts, flat colors, and ample amounts of calming white space, expressing a messaging slickness rarely seen in a political campaign this side of 2008...“But when you co-opt these trends for a more specific cause and location, especially in a place as vibrant, diverse, and multicultural as New York City, it can come across as superficial and a bit alienating,” Robbs concludes. “There isn’t even a clear call to action on his posters.”
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11 weeks ago by jomc

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