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It’s About Time: The Pressing Need to Evolve The Kill Chain
kill-chain. In the military, this dynamic targeting process is generally referred to by the sum of its parts — find, fix, track, target, engage, and assess (F2T2EA).

U.S. special operations community has embraced find, fix, finish, exploit, analyze, and disseminate (F3EAD) as an alternative targeting model. While not a perfect solution either, by taking attributes from both processes, a new kill-chain can evolve: find, fix, fire, finish, feedback (F5)
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3 minutes ago by bwiese
Cops & Vets: The Real Problem May Be Police's ‘Pseudo-Militarization’
I was not aware that veterans had particular animosity or resentment for police, but I can’t say it surprises me if that’s true. Anecdotally, I’ve heard and read comments by veterans that echo those in the T&P piece complaining about how American police treat the public and how it differs from how soldiers treat non-combatants in war zones, particularly regarding the pointing of weapons and the use of force. Moreover, speaking as a civilian gun owner, seeing officers point rifles at peaceful protesters just​ to use the scope is an appalling violation of the most basic tenets of gun safety.

These comments have led me to wonder whether we’ve misnamed the problem as “police over-militarization” rather than “police pseudo-militarization.” Everything I’ve read about rules of engagement and how military personnel engage non-combatants is far more restrained and respectful than what American police often do. Thus, calling American police behavior “militarization” assigns an unwarranted professionalism and respect to what the American police are doing and simultaneously misrepresents how our servicemen and women treat others abroad.

For more on this I recommend a recently released a short policy paper by R Street’s Arthur Rizer, a veteran and former police officer, suggesting we arm police more like Batman and less like GI Joe.   I also recommend a longer economic paper published in 2017 that shows departments that acquire equipment through the 1033 program have more uses of force and, specifically, more fatal officer-involved shootings.
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3 hours ago by atbradley
Immediate Lessons from the Battle of Mosul | Australian Army
The largest conventional land battle since the capture of Baghdad in 2003 has been ongoing since October 2016. The purpose of this article is to provide Army a first-look on lessons identified from the advisors engaged in supporting our Iraqi partners to excise the Da’esh malignancy from Iraq. This list is raw and provided to stimulate thought.
20 hours ago by campion1581
Black troops as much as twice as likely to be punished by commanders, courts
WASHINGTON — Black troops are far more likely than their white comrades to face court martial or other forms of military punishment, according to a study to be released Wednesday.

Black service members were as much as two times more likely than white troops to face discipline in an average year, according to an analysis by Protect Our Defenders, an advocacy organization for victims of sexual assault and military justice. The group combed through Pentagon data from 2006 to 2015 for its report.
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Behind the Lens: Ruth Owen Whitelegg : Blog: Wartime Wednesdays | Elinor Florence
But first, a story about one admirable Canadian woman who served her country well, and photographed her experiences along the way.
Memories of Ruth Owen Whitelegg
Ruth Owen Whitelegg of Brantford, Ontario, trained as a photographer for the Royal Canadian Air Force and served at RCAF Centralia, Ontario, during World War Two. Her photo album gives us a fascinating glimpse into wartime history, crammed with snapshots of life on a Canadian air training base.
Ruth was born on March 12, 1925 to parents Stanley Owen, an electrician at the Brantford Telephone Company, and Evelynn Owen, a telephone operator.
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yesterday by rgl7194
The Woman With the X-Ray Eyes : Blog: Wartime Wednesdays | Elinor Florence
When I began to research my novel Bird’s Eye View, about an aerial photo interpreter in World War Two, the woman who made the most impact – not only on my book, but on the world we live in today – was the brilliant, beautiful Constance Babington Smith.
Constance is well-known in some circles, although most people have never heard of her. But she is credited with finding, on an aerial photograph, the V-1 flying bomb.
Her discovery set back the Nazi plans to annihilate Britain – followed by North America -- with the first jet-propelled weapon of mass destruction in history.
Here’s a short history of her fascinating life.
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Back to Golden Days: Film Friday: "This Above All" (1942)
In honor of Joan Fontaine's 98th birthday, this week on "Film Friday" I bring you the first film I ever saw her in, which also stands as my favorite film of hers so far.
Directed by Anatole Litvak, This Above All (1942) opens in England in the early days of World War II, when the spirited Prudence "Prue" Cathaway (Joan Fontaine) joins the ranks of the Women's Auxiliary Air Force, much to the surprise and chagrin of her aristocratic family, especially her aunt Iris (Gladys Cooper). Through one of her fellow WAAF's, Violet Worthing (Queenie Leonard), Prue meets and starts a romance with Clive Briggs (Tyrone Power), a handsome soldier who is oddly not in uniform and seems to be harbouring a deep dark secret. Taking advantage of Prue's seven-day leave, the couple decides to go on vacation together to a seaside resort in Dover, where Clive begins to act strangely, calling out military orders in his sleep and becoming generally distracted.
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