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Evangelical U.S. Air Force General Has Secretly Been Running a Christian Online Ministry in Possible Violation of Rules
Fundamentalist Christianity has been gaining ground in the U.S. military, especially after 9/11. In 2011, it was revealed that chaplains at another California Air Force base, Vandenburg, were teaching a course in “Christian Just War Theory,” in which they used the Bible and Christ’s teachings to justify atomic warfare.
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WWII WAC Uniform
This entry is part 14 of 23 in the series Carondelet Historical Society Project
Back in 2011, I got to borrow this World War II Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps (WAAC and later WAC) uniform with matching garrison cap from a local historical society.
This was my first shoot for the Carondelet Historical Society, and the first picture from this first shoot is my favorite. Anita had never modeled before, and was introduced to me via an online guy friend in Arkansas. How awesome is that?
Some of these pictures I edited with a Kodachrome effect. Others are as they came out of my camera and totally untouched. I could retouch her skin and remove blemishes, but I believe these add to the artistic quality of this series.
A little bit of history about this version of the WAC uniform that I found online...
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Can we imagine a scenario in which two titans of World War II, the German battleship Bismarck and the Japanese battleship Yamato, would come into conflict? Difficult, but not impossible.
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The Failure of Egypt’s Revolution - The New York Times, Aug 7, 2018
Kirkpatrick suggests that if the activists had lived with Morsi’s illiberal but weak rule until he could be voted out, democracy might have had a chance. Their mistake, he says, was “they trusted Sisi.” They chose the greater of two evils. But he doesn’t fully explore the risks of sticking with Morsi. Nor does he analyze how a revolution works, how power can be seized and lost so easily. The closest he comes is a remark that political power is like “fairy-tale magic” that only works if you believe in it. That observation is actually well-rooted in political theory: Revolutions happen when enough people stop blindly accepting that it’s futile to resist the current regime.

The activists’ ability to organize street demonstrations, I would argue, was the kind of “magic” that — for limited periods — could make a revolution (or a coup) possible. However, they never really understood its limits. I remember liberals in 2013 brushing off the threat from Sisi: If he tried to seize power, they’d just make another revolution. They didn’t grasp that you get only so many chances at revolution. A week of civil disorder is thrilling; three years are exhausting. Alliances broken are hard to rebuild. If you throw out too many elected governments, even bad ones, you’ll throw out democracy with them.
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China warns off US reconnaissance plane over the South China Sea - CNNPolitics
The Chinese-controlled artificial island of Subi Reef in the South China Sea, as seen by CNN from a US reconnaissance plane on August 10.
The Chinese-controlled artificial island of Subi Reef in the South China Sea, as seen by CNN from a US reconnaissance plane on August 10.
Above the South China Sea (CNN)High above one of the most hotly contested regions in the world, CNN was given a rare look Friday at the Chinese government's rapidly expanding militarization of the South China Sea from a US reconnaissance plane.

After boarding the US Navy P8-A Poseidon in Okinawa Friday, CNN flew over the disputed waters, a large swathe of which are claimed by Beijing.
The crew received six separate warnings from the Chinese military during the flight, telling them they were inside Chinese territory and urging them to leave.
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Download a Fitness Plan | Royal Marines Fitness Test Training
Please select from the plans below to download a suitable fitness plan that will help you prepare for the next stage of the joining process, as well as for the rigours of Basic Training.
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