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Winterfell Tales [by anon], PG-13
It's like something out of an old story, Miles thinks: a Betan's idea of what Barrayar was like.
Or: Miles and Ekaterin crash-land on Westeros.
Vorkosigan!fic  MilesVorkosigan  EkaterinVorsoisson  SansaStark  TyrionLannister  genfic  canon!pairing(s)  *crossover  *injury!fic  °anonymous 
october 2017 by mayachain
The Pirate King
uterly silly and joyful fic about miles singing the I am a Pirate King song <33333333333333
philomytha  vorkosigan  milesvorkosigan  length:short.-1k  from twitter
july 2014 by isweedan
The Christening Tour by Bracketyjack
part 2 of The Peaceful Vorkosiverse
everyone converges on silvy vale for baby naming, christening tours, and Taura's wedding. A lot of earnest speeches
fandom  fanfic  vorkosiganverse  au  milesvorkosigan  ekaterinvorsoissonvorkosigan  gregorvorbarra  laisatoscanevorbarra  alysvorpatril  simonillyan 
july 2013 by jcalanthe
Forward Momentum by Bracketyjack
part 1 of the peaceful vorkosiverse
epic AU to end all AUs; wish fulfilment of the highest degree in the most glorious way
fandom  fanfic  vorkosiganverse  AU  milesvorkosigan  gregorvorbarra  laisatoscanevorbarra  aralvorkosigan  cordelianaismithvorkosigan  simonillyan  alysvorpatril  ivanvorpatril  ekaterinvorsoissonvorkosigan 
july 2013 by jcalanthe
Proof of Loyalty [by Chrys], PG-13
Miles returns to Barrayar at the end of The Warrior's Apprentice – one day after he is convicted of treason. Only after he has been put in the square does Gregor start to figure out the lies.
Vorkosigan!fic  GregorVorbarra  MilesVorkosigan  IvanVorpatril  AralVorkosigan  SimonIllyan  CordeliaVorkosigan  genfic  *loyalty  *love!fic  *  *competent!Ivan  °chrys 
december 2012 by mayachain
Alive in your blood now [by lotesse], PG
Her Da looks a bit as if he's bitten into a lemon, and Helen Natalia sees him glance sidelong at Mama with trouble and sorrow and guilt in his eyes. "Helen Natalia has every right to expect us to take the time to say her full name, if that's what she wants.”
Vorkosigan!fic  genfic  *futurefic  canon!pairing(s)  HelenNataliaVorkosigan  MilesVorkosigan  EkaterinVorsoisson  AralAlexanderVorkosigan  HelenVorthys  CordeliaVorkosigan  DonoVorrutyer  *gender.issues  *politics  °lotesse  IvanVorpatril  Harra&LemCsurik 
october 2012 by mayachain
Honour Thy Father [by sylviarachel], PG
Pilot trainee Nikolai Vorsoisson shares a midnight snack and some surprising news with his stepfather.
Vorkosigan!fic  NikolaiVorsoisson  MilesVorkosigan  genfic  canon!pairing(s)  *futurefic  *love!fic  *hug!fic  °sylviarachel 
may 2012 by mayachain

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*****  *  *amnesia!fic  *anthropology  *backstory  *becoming!fic  *competent!ivan  *crossover  *de-angst  *first-time  *friendship  *futurefic  *gender.issues  *grief!fic  *hardfeelings  *hc  *hospital!fic  *hug!fic  *injury!fic  *love!fic  *loyalty  *mental!issues  *notquitethereyet  *politics  *preslash  *proposal/wedding  *sick!fic  *tag  *trust!fic  *vacation!fic  2006  adventure  alysvorpatril/aralvorkosigan  alysvorpatril/simonillyan  alysvorpatril  angst  aral  aralalexandervorkosigan  aralvorkosigan  armsmanroic  au  author:eebeck  author:fourteenlines  author:sahiya  awesome  barrayar  belthorne  benin  bodyswap  bothari  bsg  byerlyvorrutyer/ivanvorpatril  byerlyvorrutyer  canon!pairing(s)  cetaganda  clementkoudelka  cordelia  cordelianaismith  cordelianaismithvorkosigan  cordeliavorkosigan  crossover  crossovers  dagbenin  deliakoudelka  doctorwho  donovorrutyer  duvgaleni  dw  dw:amypond  dw:rorywilliams  ekaterinvorsoisson  ekaterinvorsoissonvorkosigan/milesvorkosigan  ekaterinvorsoissonvorkosigan  elenabothari  elenavisconti  elliquinn  escobar  ezarvorbarra  fandom  fanfic  fic  first-time  fivethings  futurefic  gen  genfic  gesvorrutyer  ghemgeneralbenin  gregor  gregorvorbarra  greogorvorbarra  gumbie_cat  guyallegre  harra&lemcsurik  harracsurik  hautpel  helennataliavorkosigan  helenvorthys  hetfic  humor  illyan  ivan/byerly  ivan  ivanvorpatril  karathrace  kareenkoudelka/markvorkosigan  kareenkoudelka  kareenvorbarra  kidfic  konstantinbothari  laisatoscanevorbarra  laisavorbarra  lauraroslin  leeadama  length:10000-20000  length:100k-150kwords  length:short.-1k  length:short.1k-5k  loismcmasterbujold  long  ludmilladroushnakovi  makosti  markvorkosigan  meta  miles/gregor  miles  nikolaivorsoisson  nochildrenofearth  oliviakoudelka  padmavorpatril  pel  philomytha  piotrvorkosigan  politics  precanon  rec  recs  roic  romance  sansastark  sergvorbarra  simonillyan  slash  startrek  ten  tyrionlannister  vickybone  vorkosigan!fic  vorkosigan  vorkosigansaga  vorkosiganverse  vorkosiverse  wandering  wip  xover  °anon  °anonymous  °chrys  °dsudis  °ellen_fremedon  °gemmiona  °linman  °lotesse  °shaye  °shimotsuki  °sister_coyote  °stayawhile  °sylviarachel 

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