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Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy vs No Therapy in Mild to Moderate Parkinson Disease: A Randomized Clinical Trial | Movement Disorders | JAMA Neurology | JAMA Network
Physiotherapy and occupational therapy were not associated with immediate or medium-term clinically meaningful improvements in ADL or quality of life in mild to moderate PD.
PD  not  responsive  to  OT  or  PT  interventions  when  mild  moderate 
march 2018 by imogen
Ella Chickpea curry
2 x 400ml tins coconut milk
2 x 400g tins chopped tomatoes
2cm-3cm (about 1in) piece of fresh ginger, peeled and grated
1-2 teaspoons chilli flakes
1 large butternut squash, abou...
Cooking  curry  mild  from notes
may 2017 by Admiralsmallhat
Development of a wearable medical device for type 2 diabetes
This sounds promising, as a weight loss belt. I wonder if they can combine the heat/electric shock with those tuned IR LED's that can help burn some types of surface fat?
japan  research  heat  shock  mild  electrical  stimulation  diabetes  treatment  medicine  health  research  obesity  fat  loss  Delicious 
november 2016 by asteroza
[no title]
Women with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) have two times faster decline in cognition than men with MCI.
women  mild  cognitive  impairment  faster  decline  rate  cognition  MCI  women's  health  peer-reviewed  research 
august 2015 by Michael.Massing
My Love is Vengence | Archive of Our Own
Smoking Hot tag to Book of the Damned -- not only hot hot hot sex, but desperately passionate emotions
wincest  bottom!sam  D/s  theme  mild  roughness  Mark  of  Cain 
april 2015 by janicec678

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