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Altered States by ionthesparrow
Blatant, glorious mockery of hockey fandom's addiction to tropes.
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june 2013 by jedusaur
Hangover Cure
CABBIE. PANCAKES. "You get this empty feeling in your stomach, you get a headache the next day, you don't feel like eating... sorry, did you say a *Stanley Cup* hangover?" And oh my god, "I trust you off the camera, I dunno if on camera I trust you." And Richie, when Cabbie claims to have a cure for the Stanley Cup hangover: "I cannot wait to see this." And CABBIE RUCKING UP ALL THEIR SHIRTS, WHAT. THIS IS AMAZING. <333333
hockey rpf  canon fodder  video  youtube  mike richards  cabbie  jeff carter  dustin penner 
february 2013 by jedusaur
Down by the Brazos by ionthesparrow
Mr. Richards shakes Jeff’s hand. He says, “You’re a real smart boy, son. If you work hard, you could get a scholarship. Go to college.”

“Yes, sir,” Jeff says. “Thank you, sir.” Then they head off down Maudville Road, take a right to head towards the highway. And then they’re gone.

Jeff don’t get no scholarship. He don’t go to college. And he don’t ever hear from Mike.
hockey rpf  au  fic  mike richards  jeff carter  relationship development  ao3  comfort fic  bros 
december 2012 by jedusaur
Love in Fast Forward by ionthesparrow
Oh man, this feels SO realistic. Like, when an NHL player comes out, this is pretty much how it's going to go. And it's sneakily meta about hockey RPF fandom, too. Love it. <3
hockey rpf  fic  mike richards  jeff carter  ao3  meta  thinky  bros 
october 2012 by jedusaur

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