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is never the sole cause of war, violence, unrest or . Syria & Jordan have both been hit by…
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3 days ago by rajekas
[SOLUTION] Condense multiple file servers into DFS system
Install FSMT on your target server.
Rename your old fileserver(s). So I just did B-FS1old.domain.local.
Launch DFS consolidation wizard and point it to your DFS server root. Then give it the file server you want to consolidate onto DFS. So new server is B-FS1, and old is B-FS1old. It'll do it's thing real quick and give a confirmation that it's ready.
Launch FSMT and checkmark that you're consolidating DFS. Next you'll see your old server listed (B-FS1old). Select it, and do a file migration just as you would any other time.
When it's finished you'll have a DFS namespace that matches the old file server name as well as a DNS entry that points to the DFS server instead of the file server. So now UNC paths didn't change but they are all hitting the new file server.
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5 days ago by jgear
PHP: Migration von PHP 5.6.x nach PHP 7.0.x - Manual
Obwohl PHP 7.0 eine neue Hauptversion darstellt, wurde viel Wert auf eine einfache Migration gelegt. In dieser Version wurden hauptsächlich vorher als veraltet markierte Funktionen entfernt und die Sprachkonsistenz erhöht.

Trotzdem gibt es kleinere Unterschiede und neue Funktionen, auf die geachtet werden muss und verschiedene Tests erforderlich machen, bevor in Produktivumgebungen auf eine andere PHP-Version gewechselt werden kann.
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6 days ago by salomon74

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