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Ernest Lowe: Black Migrants to the Central Valley (Fresno Art Museum 2018 exhibit)
During the 1940s and 1950s, some 40,000 African American sharecroppers migrated to California’s Central Valley, taking up residence in farm labor camps. Their rural to rural journey makes them the great exception to the Great Migration, which was overwhelmingly rural to urban. Shortly after arriving, these black migrants were all but put out of work by the mechanization of agriculture.

In the early 1960s, while reporting on migrant labor for KPFA radio, a young photographer, Ernest Lowe, captured powerful black and white images of life in the communities of Pixley and Dos Palos adjacent to Fresno, California. These townships were impoverished yet cohesive communities, lacking paved roads, electricity, running water, and other essential services. Lowe’s photographs are the sole extant document of this rural people’s journey to a land of broken promises.

His startlingly beautiful images of community, individuals, tasks, free time, housing, and church provide the viewer a local historical perspective on the migrant hardships they managed and survived.

This is an original exhibition of the Fresno Art Museum drawn from the historic negatives of Ernest Lowe and printed for the exhibition by photographer Joel Pickford. The selected photographs transport audiences back in time nearly sixty years to experience life in rural African American communities of the Central Valley.

Exhibition Curator: Michele Ellis Pracy, FAM Executive Director & Chief Curator

Exhibition Sponsors: Baker Peterson Franklin, CPA, LLC, Cal Humanities Community Stories Program, and West of West Center for Narrative History of the Central Valley.
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Daniel Trilling reviews ‘Violent Borders’ by Reece Jones, ‘Refuge’ by Alexander Betts and Paul Collier and ‘No Borders’ by Natasha King · LRB 13 July 2017
There is, beyond this, a more fundamental point. Humans do migrate; they have done so throughout history, they continue to do so today, and an increasing amount of violence is being deployed to stop them doing so. The more pervasive and extreme the militarisation of borders becomes, the more harm will be done to people who are compelled to try and cross them. The easier migration is for everybody, and the easier it is to obtain political rights, the better it will be for refugees.
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Afrikanische Flüchtlinge: Israel stoppt Ausweisung von Migranten | tagesschau.de
Die israelische Regierung hat die geplante Abschiebung Tausender afrikanischer Einwanderer gestoppt. Entsprechende Pläne seien aufgegeben worden, da Drittländer die Aufnahme der Migranten aus Eritrea und dem Sudan verweigert hätten, teilten die Behörden mit. Darüber hinaus räumte die Regierung in einem Schreiben an den Obersten Gerichtshof ein, dass sie keine rechtliche Möglichkeit habe, die Menschen ohne deren eigene Einwilligung des Landes zu verweisen. Deshalb seien alle anstehenden Ausweisungen aufgehoben worden.

Nach Angaben von Aktivisten hatte Israel mit Uganda und Ruanda über eine Umsiedlung verhandelt. Regierungsangaben zufolge leben rund 40.000 afrikanische Einwanderer ohne gültige Papiere in Israel.
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