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A Princess Vanishes. A Video Offers Alarming Clues. - The New York Times
The morning of the escape, Sheikha Latifa was driven to eat breakfast with Ms. Jauhiainen at a restaurant, as she often did. According to Ms. Jauhiainen, they got into her car and made for Oman, where they rode an inflatable raft, then Jet Skis, out to Mr. Jaubert’s yacht. A selfie they took in the car shows Sheikha Latifa grinning behind mirrored sunglasses, elated.

“We’re like Thelma and Louise,” Ms. Jauhiainen joked, referring to the 1991 American film.

“Don’t say that,” Sheikha Latifa protested. “It has a sad ending!”

As they sailed toward India on the evening of March 4, the women were getting ready for bed belowdecks when they heard loud noises. They locked themselves in the bathroom, but it filled with smoke. The only way out was up.

On deck, armed men whom Ms. Jauhiainen identified as Indian and Emirati pushed Mr. Jaubert, Ms. Jauhiainen and the Filipino crewmen to the ground, tying them up and beating them. They told Ms. Jauhiainen to take her last breath. Ms. Jauhiainen saw Sheikha Latifa on the ground, tied up but kicking, screaming that she wanted political asylum in India.
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1x118 La revolución de Irán en Historia del mundo y España A TODA LECHE! en mp3(14/01 a las 10:30:13) 10:47 31455797 - iVoox
Audio que analiza lo que pasó en Irán desde el fin de la segunda guerra mundial hasta la revolución de los ayatollahs y como toman el poder. Una historia en los buenos no son tan buenos (UK y USA tomaron sucesivamente el control del país para quedarse con la explotación de recursos en sus manos y de una minoría afín).
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