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A Place Between Sleep and Waking by r_grayjoy
Words:28622,More than a year after Voldemort's defeat, Harry is still having nightmares about Snape's death. When his dreams gradually begin to change, so do his perceptions. Ultimately, Harry discovers that when one lives in both the past and the future, it's difficult to find one's present.
****재밌었음. 끝은 조금 서둘러서 마무리한 감이 있지만 그래도 재밌었다.
post-S7  harry/snape  middle  romance  fluff  bottomy!snape  cute!snape  teen!snape  ghost-like!harry  adult!harry  in-character  time-travel  rating:NC17  fandom:HP 
9 days ago by engfordean
Found in the Moments Between the Search by r_grayjoy
Words:26464, When Sirius returns from beyond the Veil with knowledge of Voldemort's Horcruxes, he takes on the task of finding and destroying them. Somewhere along the way he finds an unexpected ally and perhaps something more. (AU from the end of OotP, takes place during HBP period)
post-S5  sirius/snape  middle  drama  alive!sirius  enemy-to-love  no-anal-sex  rating:R  fandom:HP 
10 days ago by engfordean
Hindsight by loralee1
Words: 41,690, AU, Post HBP Snape travels back in time to warn pre SSPS Snape about what is to come. No DH Spoilers
미래 스네이프가 과거 스네이프에게 대충 사정 설명하고 과거 스네이프는 미래를 바꾸기 위해 애쓴다. 스네이프가 white wash된 느낌이 있지만 스네이프 주인공인 거 중에 안그런거 드물다. 유머있고 루핀과 시리우스와의 관계도 만족스러웠다. 아! 덤블도어의 결말도 만족스럽게 읽은 이유중 하나다.
S1  harry&snape  middle  drama  humor  mentor!snape  friend!snape  old-fool-dumbledore  Time-Travel  fix-it  child-fic  rating:Gen  fandom:HP 
12 days ago by engfordean
MidwayMeetup | Where do you want to meet up?
This site allows users to enter their address, along with the addresses of their friends, and find meetup locations at the midpoint of those addresses.
hangout  bored  meetup  middle  maps  local 
4 weeks ago by smitchell
Perfect Plan by xX-BlueEyedGemini-Xx
Words: 15k+, At the beginning of Fifth year James has the perfect plan for getting Lily to finally say yes to dating him, however becoming friends with Severus Snape may just change they way he saw the young Slytherine.
ㅇㅅㅇ강간범 릴리!! but 불쌍하긴하다....
marauders  AU  james/snape  middle  fluff  mpreg!snape  enemy-to-friend-to-love  sweet!james  rating:PG  fandom:HP 
5 weeks ago by engfordean
Everybody Knows by …
Word Count: ~28,000, Harry has grown tired of the wizarding world. He just doesn't have a good enough reason to sacrifice himself.
가장 이상적인 마법 세계 재구성(?)픽. 좀 아쉬운게 있다면 로맨스가 섹시하고 애틋한 면이 없이 로맨스 있어야 하니까 써놓은 느낌. 해리의 정치적 신념과 행동력은 좋았다.
S7  harry/snape  middle  politics  smart!harry  bottom!snape  top!harry  rating:R  fandom:HP 
6 weeks ago by engfordean
The weasel voice in journalism - Johnson
"ON MAY 14th, as Palestinians massed at the Gaza Strip’s border, Israeli soldiers fired on them, killing around 60 people. Shortly afterwards, the New York Times tweeted: “Dozens of Palestinians have died in protests as the US prepares to open its Jerusalem embassy.” Social media went ballistic. “From old age?” was one incredulous reply. #HaveDied quickly became a hashtag campaign.
The problem is that the Times’s tweet was not passive. “Have died” is the verb “to die” in the active voice and the perfect tense. Ironically, many people, in “correcting” the Times’s supposed passive, replaced the active “have died” with a passive alternative, such as “Dozens were shot by Israeli troops.”"
grammar  language  journalism  israel  middle  east 
8 weeks ago by ssam

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