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MICO Toastie
microwave toasted grilled cheese maker
microwave  cooking  utensil  cookware  toasted  sealed  crimped  bread  grilled  cheese 
15 days ago by asteroza
N.E.W.S. - Home
The North East Weak Signal [N.E.W.S.] Group was established to form a comradery amongst fellow VHF-UHF-SHF enthusiasts, and support a convenient means to exchange technical information

We are an ARRL affiliated regional club dedicated to the interests of "weak signal" work on the bands 50 MHz - Light. With over 100 members, we have a lot of technical expertise within our club which can help with about any question or problem conceivable on VHF and up.

Meetings are held 6 times per year at the Richard Salter Storrs Library, in Longmeadow, MA on a Saturday from 1 - 3:45 pm. and will feature either a noted speaker or ‘show & tell’ presentation on a VHF-SHF related topic. Our ”N.E.W.S. LETTER“ is mailed about 2 to 3 weeks prior to our meetings.
amateur  ham  radio  club  vhf  uhf  microwave  eme 
26 days ago by mwishek
Millimeter Wave Imaging System - DIY VTRIG $3000 | Mini-Circuits
RF Front End from Mini-Circuits (?) and imaging engine from Vayyar.com.
20 Tx and 20 Rx antennas at 62-69 GHz.
On pre-order @ Mini-Circuits 2019-05-31.
RADAR  radio  mmW  imaging  3D  60GHz  microwave  Vayyar 
26 days ago by Tonti
All You Need to Know About GE Conventional, Convection, and Advantium Microwave Ovens
The quality of meals a microwave can prepare has gone up dramatically in recent years. Learn all about conventional, convection, and Advantium microwave ovens from GE here!
microwave  Advantium  GE 
26 days ago by Adventure_Web
suspicious perytons
The mystery behind radio signals that have baffled scientists at Australia’s most famous radio telescope for 17 years has finally been solved. The signals’ source? A microwave oven in the kitchen at the Parkes observatory used by staff members to heat up their lunch. Originally researchers assumed the signals – which appeared only once or twice a year – were coming from the atmosphere, possibly linked to lightning strikes.

Then on 1 January this year (2015) they installed a new receiver which monitored interference, and detected strong signals at 2.4 GHz, the signature of a microwave oven. Immediate testing of the facility microwave oven did not show up with perytons. Until, that is, they opened the oven door before it had finished heating. “If you set it to heat and pull it open to have a look, it generates interference,” Johnston said. The “suspicious perytons” were only detected during the daytime and as they now knew, not during the evening when all the staff had finished their shift.
physics  radio  interference  Parks  microwave  suspicious  perytons  2015 
5 weeks ago by zzkt

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