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The Windows 10 Fonts Management Guide
In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about installing fonts, managing fonts, resizing fonts, and improving font rendering in Windows 10.
microsoftwindows  fonts  windows  installation  opentype  truetype  ttf  howto  Otf  microsoft 
december 2017 by ferdinandfuchs
The ultimate guide to versions: the best and worst via
MicrosoftWindows  from twitter
march 2017 by phonemedic
The ultimate guide to versions: the best and worst via
MicrosoftWindows  from twitter
february 2017 by gigaisland
Is it time to swap your Mac for a Windows laptop? | Technology | The Guardian
Over a decade ago Alex Hern switched from PC to Mac and never looked back. But the new MacBook Pro’s very expensive so could he finally be tempted to switch again?
MicrosoftWindows  MicrosoftSurfaceBook  review  comparison  Apple  MacOS  AppleMacBookPro  PCs  Guardian  2017 
january 2017 by inspiral
Alexa: Amazon’s Operating System – Stratechery by Ben Thompson
In short, Amazon is building the operating system of the home — its name is Alexa — and it has all of the qualities of an operating system you might expect:

All kinds of hardware manufacturers are lining up to build Alexa-enabled devices, and will inevitably compete with each other to improve quality and lower prices.
Even more devices and appliances are plugging into Alexa’s easy-to-use and flexible framework, creating the conditions for a moat: appliances are a lot more expensive than software, and lot longer lasting, which means everyone who buys something that works with Alexa is much less likely to switch
Alexa  AmazonEcho  Amazon  operatingsystem  strategy  review  advocacy  contrast  MicrosoftWindows  Facebook  Google  Stratechery  2017 
january 2017 by inspiral
Microsoft bringing full Windows 10 to ARM devices with Qualcomm partnership - GeekWire
Microsoft will again seek to expand the reach of its Windows PC operating system to devices running mobile-oriented ARM processors, through a partnership with Qualcomm announced tonight at the Windows Hardware Engineering Community event (WinHEC) in China.

The company has tried this before, through a version of Windows 8 called Windows RT that was designed for ARM processors. But that version flopped due in large part to the inability to run traditional Windows apps on those devices. This time, Microsoft will use emulation technology to allow Windows 10 on ARM to run x86 Win32 apps such including Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office, among many others.
Microsoft  MicrosoftWindows  ARM  microchips  launch  GeekWire  2016 
december 2016 by inspiral
IBM says it is 3X more expensive to manage PCs than Macs | Computerworld
IBM today told the record-setting seventh Jamf Nation User Conference that it is saving even more money by deploying Macs across the company than it thought: each Mac deployment saves the company up to $535 over four years, in contrast to the $270 per Mac it claimed last year.

That’s a hugely significant statistic for any Mac user and follows extensive use of the platform by IBM. IBM VP of Workplace as a Service, Fletcher Previn, told the conference that 90,000 employees are now using Macs, up from 30,000 in 2015. 100,000 of IBM’s global workforce will be using Macs by the end of the year, he said, and the number is climbing.
PCs  MacOS  totalcostofownership  enterprise  comparison  IBM  ComputerWorld  2016  MicrosoftWindows 
october 2016 by inspiral
Naming Files, Paths, and Namespaces (Windows)
Naming Conventions

Use any character in the current code page for a name, including Unicode characters and characters in the extended character set (128–255), except for the following:

The following reserved characters:
< (less than)
> (greater than)
: (colon)
" (double quote)
/ (forward slash)
\ (backslash)
| (vertical bar or pipe)
? (question mark)
* (asterisk)
filesystems  MicrosoftWindows 
october 2016 by chaos
Instagram now has an app for Windows 10 tablets | TechCrunch
Instagram has expanded its app availability to users of tablets running Microsoft’s Windows 10. The Facebook-owned, visual content social sharing platform announced the new app in a blog post yesterday. It’s most notable as there’s still no iPad app for Instagram. Although Instagram launched a Windows 10 Mobile app back in April.

Instagram says any device running Windows 10 can use its app, which is available for download in the Windows App Store. Although, for Windows 10 devices other than tablets and smartphones, it notes certain features may not be supported — such as capturing and uploading videos or photos. (As The Verge notes, the app requires a touchscreen Windows 10 device to actually upload content.)
Instagram  Windows10  launch  Techcrunch  2016  MicrosoftWindows 
october 2016 by inspiral
AirDroid | Delight Your Multi-Screen Life
AirDroid makes your multi-screen life easier and more focused by helping you access and manage your phone from any computer, anywhere. You can send SMS, view app notifications, transfer files and fully control your phone on computer with AirDroid
Android  MicrosoftWindows  app  FileSharing  RemoteControl  mobile  phone  sms 
october 2016 by chaos

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