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Excellent read by on coming type features in . Thanks Bill!
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4 days ago by dtomoff
Introducing the Web Media Extension Package with OGG Vorbis and Theora support for Microsoft Edge
We’ve heard requests from many of our customers to support additional open-source formats in order to access a broader set of content on the web. To address this, we recently added support for the WebM container format and the VP9 and Opus codecs on supported hardware.
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4 days ago by mikael
Microsoft Teams is now used by 200,000 organizations, up from 125,000 in September | VentureBeat
Microsoft has never shared how many individuals are using Teams, its chat-based collaboration tool that’s part of Office 365 and competes with Google’s Hangouts Chat, Facebook’s Workplace, and Slack. It’s therefore impossible to make an apples-to-apples comparison, but at least we know it’s growing.

The company announced today that Teams is now used by 200,000 organizations in 181 markets and 39 languages. That’s up from 125,000 organizations as of September 2017 and 50,000 when it launched out of preview a year ago. Office 365 itself has 120 million business users — a huge number that Microsoft undoubtedly wants to get on Teams.

Here are the numbers we do know: Google only launched Hangouts Chat for all G Suite users less than two weeks ago, and it didn’t share how many organizations had used it in preview before then (3 million businesses pay for G Suite, as of January 2017). Facebook had 30,000 businesses using Workplace as of October 2017. Slack had 6 million daily active users, 2 million of whom are paying customers, as of September 2017.

Microsoft Teams thus appears to be bigger than Google’s and Facebook’s offerings, but it’s probably not yet close to Slack. If it was, Microsoft would surely share individual user numbers.
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5 days ago by nicoladagostino

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