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Microsoft: Bug sorgt für versetzte Strichzüge auf dem Surface Pro -
Ungenaue und um mehrere Millimeter versetzte Eingaben: Der Digitizer des Surface Pro hat wohl einen Fehler, der dessen Nutzung stark einschränkt. Die Ursache scheinen
microsoft  gadget  surface 
18 hours ago by andreaskoch
Service Notes
Notes on Azure service updates.
azure  microsoft 
19 hours ago by berberich
LAPS - Part 2
In Part 1 we explored how one could go about discovering and mapping the LAPS configuration in a domain. In this part, we’ll look at various ways LAPS can be abused for persistence purposes.
laps  activedirectory  Microsoft  windows  privesc  postexploitation 
yesterday by whip_lash
LAPS - Part 1
The purpose of this post, is to put together a more complete end-to-end process for mapping out the LAPS configuration in a domain.
laps  activedirectory  Microsoft  windows  privesc  postexploitation 
yesterday by whip_lash
Learn more about Azure Service Fabric | Microsoft Docs
コンセプト的には Kubernetes と非常に似ている。
microsoft  azure  servicefabric 
yesterday by summerwind
Service Fabric is going open source – Azure Service Fabric Team Blog
Google の Borg に相当する部分を MS もオープンソース化してきたってことか。すごいな。
microsoft  servicefabric  container  opensource 
yesterday by summerwind
AWS and Microsoft Announce Gluon to Simplify Deep Learning for Developers
Today Amazon Web Services and Microsoft announced a new deep learning library, called Gluon, which allows developers of all skill levels to prototype, build, train and deploy sophisticated machine learning models for the cloud, devices at the edge and mobile apps.
aws  microsoft  deeplearning  machinelearning  software 
yesterday by ssorc
How to Add Electronic Signatures to Microsoft Word Documents for Free
Electronic Signatures in Microsoft Word Are Easier Than You Think by Kayla Matthews via MakeUseOf
microsoft  word  IFTTT 
2 days ago by pmdpmd

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