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Putin’s hackers now under attack—from Microsoft • Daily Beast
Kevin Poulsen:
<p>Last year attorneys for the software maker quietly sued the hacker group known as Fancy Bear in a federal court outside Washington DC, accusing it of computer intrusion, cybersquatting, and infringing on Microsoft’s trademarks.  The action, though, is not about dragging the hackers into court. The lawsuit is a tool for Microsoft to target what it calls “the most vulnerable point” in Fancy Bear’s espionage operations: the command-and-control servers the hackers use to covertly direct malware on victim computers.  These servers can be thought of as the spymasters in Russia’s cyber espionage, waiting patiently for contact from their malware agents in the field, then issuing encrypted instructions and accepting stolen documents.

Since August, Microsoft has used the lawsuit to wrest control of 70 different command-and-control points from Fancy Bear. The company’s approach is indirect, but effective. Rather than getting physical custody of the servers, which Fancy Bear rents from data centers around the world, Microsoft has been taking over the Internet domain names that route to them. These are addresses like “livemicrosoft[.]net” or “rsshotmail[.]com” that Fancy Bear registers under aliases for about $10 each.  Once under Microsoft’s control, the domains get redirected from Russia’s servers to the company’s, cutting off the hackers from their victims, and giving Microsoft a omniscient view of that servers’ network of automated spies.

“In other words,” Microsoft outside counsel Sten Jenson explained in a court filing last year,  “any time an infected computer attempts to contact a command-and-control server through one of the domains, it will instead be connected to a Microsoft-controlled, secure server.”</p>
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The Hidden Biases that Can Lurk in Artificial Intelligence Systems
"Artificial intelligence and “automated decision-making” systems are being implemented in many crucial real-world settings, cutting humans out of the decisions that these systems are making. But how sure are we that the decisions they arrive at are fundamentally correct?

Researchers are finding a startling number cases of human bias that have crept into AI models and decision-making algorithms, which in turn can unwittingly lead to discriminatory practices on the part of companies and governments deploying these systems."
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(6) how to use bookmark and cross reference in ms word in hindi - YouTube;;;
tags: (6) how to use bookmark and cross reference in ms word in hindi - YouTube | microsoft ms word office in hindi;;;
(6)  how  to  use  bookmark  and  cross  reference  in  ms  word  hindi  -  YouTube  |  microsoft  office  video 
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(6) Word 2010 Tutorial | Bookmarks & Cross-References - YouTube;;;
tags: (6) Word 2010 Tutorial | Bookmarks & Cross-References - YouTube | microsoft ms office word bookmarks and crossReference cross-reference cross reference ;;;
(6)  Word  2010  Tutorial  |  Bookmarks  &  Cross-References  -  YouTube  microsoft  ms  office  and  crossReference  cross-reference  cross  reference 
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Inside Microsoft's AI Comeback
Yoshua Bengio has never been one to take sides. As one of the three intellects who shaped the deep learning that now dominates artificial intelligence, he has been catapulted to stardom. It’s a field so new the people who can advance it fit into one room together, and everyone—from tech startups to multinational conglomerates and the department of defense—wants a share of their minds.

But while his peer scientists Yann LeCun and Geoffrey Hinton have signed on to Facebook and Google, respectively, Bengio, 53, has chosen to continue working from his small third-floor office on the hilltop campus of the University of Montreal. “I want to remain a neutral agent,” he says as he sips rust-colored licorice water, which he pours from a carafe that acts as a weight for the mess of papers cluttering his desk.
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Modernizing Windows deployment with Windows AutoPilot – Windows for IT Pros
Nice way to configure new Windows 10 machines. Does require Azure AD though :-(
technology  microsoft  windows 
2 days ago by andy47

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