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Group Managed Service Accounts Overview
Group Managed Service Accounts provide a single identity solution for services running on a server farm, or on systems behind Network Load Balance. By providing a group MSA solution, services can be configured for the new group MSA principal and the password management is handled by Windows.
Using a group Managed Service Account, services or service administrators do not need to manage password synchronization between service instances. The group Managed Service Account supports hosts that are kept offline for an extended time period, and management of member hosts for all instances of a service. This means you can deploy a server farm that supports a single identity to which existing client computers can authenticate without knowing the instance of the service to which they are connecting.
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The iPhone X’s notch is basically a Kinect - The Verge
“Apple's iPhone X provides a nice little illustration of how sensor and processing technology has evolved in the past decade.”
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Microsoft Language Portal
Microsoft language portal to search international terminology
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Differentiating between Azure Virtual Network (VNet) and AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) – Premier Developer
In this post, Senior ADM Fidelis Ekezue shares insights into similarities and differences between Azure VNets and AWS VPC. It’s important to note that in the cloud, features and capabilities are in a state of constant change to improve services and adapt to industry demands.  To the best of our knowledge, the information in this...
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