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Tracking and Controlling Microservice Dependencies - ACM Queue
Great overview of how to deal with dependencies in microarchitecture systems.
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4 days ago by IanMulvany
Building Microservices With Micronaut - DZone Microservices
FULL NON-Trivial Example with Source Code. Insurance product and policy system.

Micronaut is a framework designed with microservices and cloud computing in mind. It is lightweight and reactive. It aims to provide developers with the productivity features of Grails while producing small and fast executables.

Micronaut supports Java, Kotlin, and Groovy development, and it supports both Maven and Gradle as build tools.
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4 days ago by kbonnet
Scaling to 60M Users - From Monolith to

*featuring *
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5 days ago by chetan
Introducing Sage — a Sagas pattern implementation in Elixir
How to handle transactions in a distributed environment. Specifically applicable when dealing with payment providers and internal microservices (or just internal SOA's).
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6 days ago by jefframnani

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