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Microservices Patterns With Envoy Proxy, Part III: Distributed Tracing – Software Blog
This blog is part of a series looking deeper at Envoy Proxy and Istio.io and how it enables a more elegant way to connect and manage microservices. Follow me @christianposta to stay up with these blog post releases.
envoy  istio  microservices 
23 hours ago by yufufi
メルカリのWeb MicroservicesにおけるSLI/SLO - Mercari Engineering Blog
Mercari Advent Calendar 2018の24日目はメルカリBackendエンジニアの@sota1235がお届けします。 現在、私はWebのシステムをリプレースしMicroservicesアーキテクチャに移行するチームで働いています。 メルカリのMicroservicesアーキテクチャでは各Microserviceチームが責任を持ってSLI/SLOを定め、運用する必要があります。 このSLI/SLOを決める過程でいくつかの学びや難しさがあったのでそれをお話しようと思います。
microservices  SLI  SLA  slow 
yesterday by lamanotrama
Overload control for scaling WeChat microservices | the morning paper
Overload control for scaling WeChat microservices Zhou et al., SoCC'18 There are two reasons to love this paper. First off, we get some insights into the backend that powers WeChat; and secondly the authors share the design of the battle hardened overload control system DAGOR that has been in production at WeChat for five years.…
paper  microservices  architecture  development 
2 days ago by cakeface
Microservice Websites
With this article we want to show that server-side rendered websites integrated on content (using transclusion) allow for high long-term evolvability compared to client-side rendering integrated with shared code. In other words, if you want a system with high long-term evolvability, you should not develop websites using only client-side JavaScript and integrate them using a shared components approach.
architecture  microservices  patterns  gustaf_nilsson_kotte 
2 days ago by hthief
Kubernetes-native microservices API gateway: Ambassador
Ambassador, open source, Kubernetes-native API Gateway for microservices built on Envoy
ambassador  api  api-gateway  balancer  envoy  gateway  ingress  k8s  kubernetes  load  microservices  open  proxy  source 
3 days ago by devnulled
micro/go-micro: A microservice framework
Go Micro is a pluggable framework for micro service development. Go Micro provides the core requirements for distributed systems development including RPC and Event driven communication. The micro philosophy is sane defaults with a pluggable architecture. We provide defaults to get you started quickly but everything can be easily swapped out.
distributed  framework  golang  microservices  rpc  go 
3 days ago by dlkinney
Microservices Glossary | Glasnostic Blog
In this post, we explain the most important terms related to microservice and organic architecture as they apply to the development and operations worlds.
microservices  blog  architecture 
3 days ago by geekzter

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